Recalls: Bicycles & Accessories

June 22, 2006
Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. Recalls Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard
January 19, 2006
Syntace USA Recall of Bicycle Handlebar Stems
The recalled bicycle handlebar stem is black. Stems with production codes 01 03 through 45 04, and stems with no production code are included in this recall. The production code is the bottom set of numbers located on the end of the stem.
December 22, 2005
Recreational Equipment Inc. Recall of Children's Bicycles
The Novara Dirt Rider 20-inch 5-speed and 6-speed bicycles are children's bicycles with 20-inch wheels, an aluminum frame, and multiple speeds. 2003-2004 model year bicycles were red/black or silver/blue frost in color; 2005-2006 model year bicycles were black/gravel or white/powder blue in color.
October 25, 2005
Delta Cycle Corp. Recall of Picasso Two-Bike Folding Racks
This recall involves Picasso bike racks with a collapsible shelf. The bike rack can be mounted on the wall and has slots to support two bicycles. The metal rack has the Delta logo and name printed on the front of the rack.
September 2, 2005
World Wide Cycle Supply Inc. Recall of Bicycles Sold at Toys “R” Us
The bicycle has a yellow and red painted flame pattern with a yellow fork and a sticker containing the words “Harley-Davidson” on the fork leg. Only bicycles with the following serial numbers are being recalled:
August 17, 2005
Torelli Imports Recall of Bicycle Tires
This recall involves Torelli Verona and Lugano Open Tubular bicycle tires with folding Kevlar beads, used to hold the tire to the rim. A red and white label on the sidewall of the Verona model has "Torelli Verona 700 X 23 100-130 psi Handmade Open Tubular" printed on it. A green and white label on the lowed edge of the Lugano model has "Torelli Lugano 700 X 23 100-130 psi Handmade Open Tubular" printed on it. The tires are packaged in red and white boxes with the Torelli logo on the front.
August 11, 2005
Ritchey Design Inc. Recall of Bicycle Wheels
The above wheels were sold by Ritchey as wheel sets and as rear wheel only and as original equipment on 2004 model year Fuji and Motobecane USA bicycles and the 2005 model year Prestige road bike from Raleigh. The recalled wheels have high flange hubs measuring 60-milimeters in diameter and the hub body is straight between the flanges.
August 8, 2005
American Classic Recall of Bicycle Wheels
The recall includes all American Classic aftermarket rear wheels and hubs, as well as the following 2005 bike models which use American Classic rear wheels or hubs: Fuji Team Super Lite (Team SL); Orbea Aletta, Onix, Lobular 50, Dama Race, Mitis and Mitis Dama models; Felt F55 and F2C; Fetish Cycles Road and Mountain Bikes; Argon 18; and Motobecane LeChampion SL. The recalled models were made at the start of January 2005 and the outside of the rear hub shell has a serial number that starts with the letter "S." The serial number is printed on the center of the hub shell opposite to the American Classic logo. Front wheels and front hubs are not included in this recall.
August 2, 2005
Giant Bicycle, Inc. Recall of Bicycles
The recall involves certain 2005 Cypress and Sedona model bicycles. The bicycles come in both men's and ladies' styles and vary in size between 14 to 21 inches. "GIANT" and "Cypress" or "Sedona" are written on the bicycles' frames. A serial number is written on the bottom bracket of the bicycle, located near the pedals. A list of the serial numbers that are the subject of this recall is at the following Web site:
August 2, 2005
WaveCrest Laboratories LLC Recall of Electric Bicycles
The recall involves specific front and rear wheels of TidalForce S-750 High Performance Electric Bicycles. The electric bicycle can travel at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. The bicycle frame comes in either Candy Apple Red or Silver Satin and has a "TidalForce" sticker on the down tube and an "S-750 High Performance Electric Bicycle" sticker on the top tube. The front wheel assembly contains the battery and the rear wheel assembly contains the motor. A bicycle identification number is located on a white bar coded sticker, on the seat tube of the frame, directly above the front derailleur clamp. A list of bike identification numbers that are subject to this recall can be found at