Recalls: Paintball Equipment & Accessories

January 27, 2011
KEE Action Sports Recalls Paintball Marker Due To Injury Hazard
The marker is made of aluminum and resembles a pistol. It is black with model number BT SA-17 printed on both sides. It uses a horizontally-fed magazine and requires a 12g CO2 cartridge.
March 12, 2009
Tippmann A-5 Paintball Markers Recalled for Repair Due to Risk of Injury
This recall involves Tippmann A-5® markers with serial numbers 0409301 to 0422200. The serial number appears on the packaging accompanying each marker and is engraved on the left side of the marker near the front grip. Serial numbers ending in an “R” have already been repaired and are not included in the recall.
July 2, 2008
Paintball Gun Adapters Recalled by RAP4 Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards
The remote line adapter is used to connect a paintball gun to a pressurized CO2 tank. The adapter is a black cylinder and is attached to a black remote line cord. “RAP4” and the “SN” (serial number) are printed on the adapters.
February 15, 2006
Paintball Markers Recalled for Ejecting CO2 Cartridges, Hits Users
The recalled Blade Turbo™ paintball marker is bright blue with a black handgrip on the nozzle. Two carbon dioxide cartridges are inserted into the back of the marker covered by a clear plastic screw-on cap. The silver-colored carbon dioxide cartridges are about three-inches long. The Paintball Breakout Players Kit™ includes a Blade Turbo™, black mask and CO2 cartridges. "Blade Turbo" is printed on the side of the paintball marker. Paintball markers are sometimes referred to as paintball guns.
July 13, 2001
JT USA Recalls Proteus Paint Ball Masks
August 18, 1998
Paintball Masks Recalled by Brass Eagle