Recall: Ladies' Sweatshirts Recalled by Gap

May 11, 1978  
Release # 78-035

Ladies' Sweatshirts With "Gap" Label Recalled

WASHINGTON, D. C. (May 11) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been notified by the Gap Stores, Inc. that 4,150 potentially flammable women's sweatshirts with the Gap label were sold by their stores nationwide during October, November and December 1977. These sweatshirts failed to comply with a Federal flammability standard. They were purchased by the Gap from San Francisco Shirt Works, Inc., which earlier announced the recall of the same merchandise sold under its own label. If exposed to an ignition source, such as a cigarette ash, an open flame, or any spark, they could ignite and burn with a rapid and intense flame. (No injuries have been reported to date).

These sweatshirts are being voluntarily recalled by the San Francisco Shirt Works, Inc. and the purchase price refunded.

All the ladies' sweatshirts are 100% cotton, fleecy side out, with long sleeves. Sewn- in black labels at the back of the neck say "GAP" in light gray stitching, and separate labels say "Made in Hong Kong."

The following styles of "GAP" labeled sweatshirts fail to comply with the Federal Standard for Flammability of Clothing Textiles:

  • Winter white pullover, with small center pocket for hands; and
  • Winter white or blue, with zippered front, regular collar, and two front pockets.

Persons who believe they have these sweatshirts should write for refund procedures to:

San Francisco Shirt Works, Inc.
Attn: Nancy Bush
1111 - 17th Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Or they may call CPSC's toll-free Hotline (800) 638-2772.

San Francisco Shirt Works labels on the other suspect shirts say "San Francisco Tea Party," in addition to the Hong Kong labels. The "San Francisco Tea Party" labeled sweatshirts were sold by department stores and specialty shops throughout the nation as part of the company's 1977 holiday line but were not sold by "The GAP."

Some 22,000 of these ladies' sweatshirts were imported by San Francisco Shirt Works, Inc., from a Hong Kong manufacturer and distributed nationwide to retailers during October and early November 1977. Sweatshirts which appear to be identical but which were delivered to retailers in approximately July of 1977 have passed the flammability test required by the Standard. Only those sweatshirts sold to retailers during and after October 1977 fail to comply with the Standard.

Consumers are urged to stop wearing these sweatshirts and to start the refund process immediately. CPSC warns that burning clothing can cause severe and disfiguring burns, and urges women to return the potentially hazardous sweatshirts at once. This is the first time these companies' products have been the source of such hazards. San Francisco Shirt Works has permanently dropped the suspect fabric from its line of products and will not reorder the same fabrication from the manufacturer.

The Gap Stores, Inc. is a national specialty retailer of casual apparel with over 300 stores.