Recall: Garments Made From A Flammable Fleece Fabric Recall



February 28, 1995

(301) 504-7908

Release # 95-087


CPSC, Coville Inc. Announce Recall Of Garments Made From A Flammable Fleece Fabric

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Coville Incorporated are announcing the recall of dangerously flammable garments made from a fleece-type fabric. An estimated 160,000 garments ranging from sweatshirts to skirts are involved in the recall.

The fabric, which fails to meet federal mandatory standards of fabric flammability, presents a serious risk of burn injuries and violates the 1953 Federal Flammable Fabrics Act. Fabrics that do not comply with the standard typically burn faster than newspaper.

Neither CPSC nor Coville has received any reports of injuries involving garments made from the fabric. However, there have been four reported incidents where garments made from the fabric "flashed" or surface-burned very quickly. The fabric is a polyester-cotton blend material with a raised fiber surface. Its fleecy texture closely mimics that of an inside-out sweatshirt.

The fabric was used to manufacture clothes under 45 different brand names (see attached list). CPSC and Coville Inc. are working with manufacturers and retailers to recall garments made from this fabric and sold across the country after May 1, 1994.

Most of the garments - an estimated 70 percent - are sweatshirts, hooded pullovers, casual shirts and other types of tops. Pants, shorts, vests, dresses, robes and skirts that contain the fabric were also sold. About 12 percent of the items are children's wear, excluding children's sleepwear.

"Fleece garments are extremely popular today, and most of them are in full compliance with the law," said Ann Brown, CPSC chairman. "But those that aren't must be taken off the market."

"Coville's cooperative effort with CPSC is another fine example of industry working voluntarily with government." Thousands of retailers who sold garments made from the fabric have posted signs in their stores urging customers to return the garments for a full refund. Macy's, Express Inc.(a division of The Limited), Capezio, Kohl's, Marianne, Jean Nicole and Stuart's are among the retailers cooperating in the recall. Other retailers include specialized boutiques, surf shops and some hotel gift shops.

CPSC urges consumers who suspect they may have purchased a garment made from the fleece fabric to immediately stop wearing it and contact or visit their retailer to see if the garment is subject to the recall. Retailers should know whether the garments are a part of the recall and should then provide a refund.

In addition, consumers who have questions about the recall can call CPSC's toll-free hotline at (800) 638-2772. The hearing and speech impaired can call (301) 595-7054.

Any fleece or partly fleece garment sold under the following brand names may be involved in this recall:

26 Red - label no. RN 87162
A Month of Sundays
Back Country Clothing
Black Parrot
BLOOZ - RN 12345
California Dynasty - RN 64211
Capezio - RN 88647
Carushka Body Wear
Christina - RN 59628
Dalandz of Colorado
Danielle Allen
dtw - Durango Colorado
ETNIKO - RN 79686
Express Tricot - RN 54003
Firethorn - RN 88645
Fresh Produce
Gold's Gym - RN 56814
Gordon & Smith (G&S)
IN Charge RN 59628
Joe's - RN 71693
Klondike Dry Goods - RN 65063
Limit Line
Limited - RN 54003
Limelight by Jan-R
Native "O" Apparel
North Shore Trading
Oarsman 913
Orvis - RN 90860
PA Company Boston
Pes Menz Pes
Sea Isle Sportswear - RN 60300
Spyder - RN 64902
Straight Down Clothing Company
Stryke - RN 64902
STE (Surf the Earth)
Surf Style - RN 87965
Susan Barry Seattle
Suzy Phillips - RN 59628
Swept Away Santa Barbara, CA
T. Hayes
The North Face - RN 61661