Recall: Voyager Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Recall by Trane Company

January 24, 2001
Alert #01-507

CPSC, Trane Company Announce Recall of Voyager Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

PRODUCT: Combination Gas Furnace and Electric Air Conditioning Units - The Trane Company, of Tyler, Texas, a division of American Standard Companies Inc., is voluntarily recalling 967 Voyager Series Combination Gas Furnace and Electric Air Conditioning Units, which are installed in schools and commercial applications. The Voyager series of light commercial rooftop air conditioners with electric cooling and gas-fired heat exchangers have 120,000 to 135,00 BTU heating capacity and three to five ton cooling capacity in horizontal and downflow configurations. The Voyager series has been manufactured by Trane since 1988 and is distributed under the Trane® and American Standard® brand names. The recalled units were manufactured between June 1, 2000 and August 16, 2000 and have serial numbers beginning with R21 though and including R33. The recalled products include the following model designations:

YCD036C1H_ _ _ YCD060CWH_ _ _
YCD048C1H_ _ _ YCH060C1H_ _ _
YCH048C1H_ _ _ YCH060C3H_ _ _
YCD060C1H_ _ _ YCH060C4H_ _ _
YCD060C1H_ _ _ YCD060C3H_ _ _
YCD060C4H_ _ _  

A name plate bearing each unit's model and serial number is located on the outside sheet metal at the end of the unit where the propeller fan is visible on top, directly to the left of the exposed outdoor coils.

PROBLEM: One of the three internal flue gas tubes extending from the heat exchanger can separate from the heat exchanger. This could allow flue gases, including carbon monoxide, to enter the building airstream. This could result in serious injury or death to building occupants.


WHAT TO DO:Call the local independent Trane or American Standard dealer for a free inspection and replacement, if needed. Trane will completely replace the heat exchanger end plate and internal flue gas tube assemblies in all recalled units at no cost to the consumer. For assistance in locating a local independent dealer, contact Trane at (800) 940-1344 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's web site at

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