Recalls: Brushcutters

November 9, 2023 DR Power Equipment Recalls Tow-Behind Field & Brush Mowers Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

This recall involves DR Power Equipment and Generac brand tow-behind field and brush mowers. The following model and serial numbers, printed on a white label that is on the rear frame of the mower near the right rear tire, are included in this recall. Name Model Number Serial Number Range DR Power Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower TB 25044B EN All serial numbers beginning with TB2, plus 3002188267 to 30024310751 TB 25044B ENC 30030052232 to 3004525033 TB 25044B ENR 3004734233, 3004835965, 3005064288, 3005471720, 3005548665, 3007678624, 3008122643 TBM 20A ED TDVE OF1 All serial numbers beginning with TB; in addition, 300275210 TBM 20A EN TDVE OD3 All TBM 20A EN TDVE OF3 TBM20AENTDVEOF3 All 3002188263 to 3002490281 Generac Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower TB 25044GENG 3003540054 to 3004428691 Read more.

March 28, 2016 Additional Injuries Prompt Reannouncement of Fiskars Recall of Bypass Lopper Shears Due to Laceration Hazard; Sold Exclusively at Home Depot

This recall involves Fiskars Titanium Bypass Lopper shears with model number 6954. The lopper shears have 32-inch dark orange steel handles and black rubber grips with a gray strip. Plastic gears connected to the pruning blades allow the consumers to open and close the pruning blades by moving the handles. "FISKARS" is printed on one handle and product identification information, including model number 6954, is printed on a label on the opposite handle above the barcode. Read more.

September 29, 2011 Husqvarna Professional Products Recalls RedMax Brushcutter Due to Fire Hazard

The recalled brushcutter / trimmer is a RedMax model TR2350S. Recalled brushcutters have shaft serial numbers ranging from 10215377 to 10625892, and engine serial numbers ranging from 10115390 to 10425910. The product is powered by a 2-cycle gasoline engine and cuts grass or weeds through the use of a spinning black trimmer head containing a spool of filament line. Model number and shaft serial number are located on a label on the shaft halfway between the trimmer head and the engine. The engine serial number is located on the bottom of engine between the two screws that secure fuel tank to the engine. See illustration below. Read more.

August 23, 2011 Fiskars Brands Recalls SmartPower String Trimmers Due to Burn, Fire and Laceration Hazards

This recall involves the Fiskars® SmartPower™ Propane 4-Cycle Straight Shaft String Trimmer Model 67016935 and SmartPower™ Propane 4-Cycle Curved Shaft String Trimmer Model 67036946. Both trimmers use propane fuel. "SmartPower™" is printed on the lower shaft and near the pull-start handle. "Fiskars®" is printed on the engine cover and on the plastic cutting guard. The trimmers are black, silver and orange. Read more.

December 16, 2010 Trimmers/Brushcutters Recalled by STIHL Incorporated Due to Injury Hazard

The recalled bike handle trimmer/brushcutter has “STIHL” printed on the engine head. The model number FS 310 is located in two places, on the shaft and on the flywheel housing below the starter grip. This recall includes all units with serial numbers ranging from 27961 1030 through 27961 1119 and 27984 3607 through 27984 4556, which can be found on an adhesive label affixed to the bottom of the fuel tank and etched into the metal frame on the bottom of the engine. Read more.