Recalls: Drink Dispensers

March 19, 2020 Crate and Barrel Recalls Glass Pitchers Due to Laceration Hazard

The recalled 84 oz. glass Miles Pitcher has a wooden lid and measures about 9" H x 5" D. The product has a label on the bottom that reads in part: SKU #444-560, Miles Pitcher Wood Lid, and Made in China. Read more.

April 11, 2017 Teavana Recalls Flip Tumblers Due to Burn Hazard

This recall involves 14 oz. Teavana flip tumblers used for steeping hot tea. The recalled tumblers have a clear plastic cap with a welded black base that screws onto a stainless steel tumbler. The tumblers were sold in black and silver and measure about 10 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter. "Teavana®" is printed on the side of the tumbler. Read more.

March 17, 2015 CreaMiser Refrigerated Creamer Dispensers Recalled by WhiteWave Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves CreaMiser refrigerated coffee creamer dispensers for commercial use with model numbers 200, 210 and 400, digital thermometers and certain serial numbers. The plastic dispensers were sold in the following colors: black granite, gray granite and sand. Models 200 and 210 have two creamer dispenser stations and model 400 has four creamer dispenser stations. Model, serial number and "CreaMiser Products Corporation" are printed on a white sticker or metal name plate on the back of the dispensers. Model numbers Serial numbers 200 CP200-02001 through CP200-05151 210 CP210-00001 through CP210-01925 400 CP400-02001 through CP400-05500 Read more.

September 17, 2013 Waterlogic Recalls Water Cooling, Heating Systems Due to Fire Hazard

Chiller-based water filtration systems provide hot and cold water dispensers for home and workplace. The units come in three sizes, 18, 40 and 48 inches high, and in white, black or stainless steel. One of the following brand names is printed on the front of the unit: AquaMark, Coolersmart, Culligan, Innowave, Waterlogic and Xstream Water. Recalled products have serial numbers printed on a label on the back of the machines. Serial numbers for AquaMark, Culligan, Innowave and Waterlogic units start with the following four numbers and one letter: 2105A through 2105L 2106A through 2106L 2107A through 2107L 2108A through 2108L 2205A through 2205L 2206A through 2206L 2207A through 2207L 2208A through 2208L 2305A through 2305L 2306A through 2306L 2307A through 2307L 2308A through 2308L 2405A through 2405L 2406A through 2406L 2407A through 2407L 2408A through 2408L 2505A through 2505L 2506A through 2506L 2507A through 2507L 2508A through 2508L 2605A through 2605L 2606A through 2606L 2607A through 2607L 2608A through 2608L 2705A through 2705L 2706A through 2706L 2707A through 2707L 2708A through 2708L 3105A through 3105L 3106A through 3106L 3107A through 3107L 3108A through 3108L 3505A through 3505L 3506A through 3506L 3507A through 3507L 3508A through 3508L 3605A through 3605L 3606A through 3606L 3607A through 3607L 3608A through 3608L 6105A through 6105L 6106A through 6106L 6107A through 6107L 6108A through 6108L 6505A through 6505L 6506A through 6506L 6507A through 6507L 6508A through 6508L 6605A through 6605L 6606A through 6606L 6607A through 6607L 6608A through 6608L 6905A through 6905L 6906A through 6906L 6907A through 6907L 6908A through 6908L 7105A through 7105L 7106A through 7106L 7107A through 7107L 7108A through 7108L 7205A through 7205L 7206A through 7206L 7207A through 7207L 7208A through 7208L 7505A through 7505L 7506A through 7506L 7507A through 7507L 7508A through 7508L 7605A through 7605L 7606A through 7606L 7607A through 7607L 7608A through 7608L 7905A through 7905L 7906A through 7906L 7907A through 7907L 7908A through 7908L Serial numbers for Coolersmart units start with the following six digit alpha-numeric codes: Y1G07C through Y1G07L Y1G08A through Y1G08C Y1W07C through Y1W07L Y1W08C through Y1W08E Y3G07E through Y3G07I Y3G08D through Y3G08C Y3W07E through Y3W07I Y3W08B The following serial numbers for Xstream Water units are affected: XFT050603009 XFT050603014 XFT050603031 XFT050603061 XFT050606075 XFT050607023 XFT050607051 XFT050607080 XFT050607090 XFT050613002 XFT050801017 XFT050802007 XFT050802108 XFT050802116 XFT050803021 XFT050803032 XFT050803050 XFT050803051 XFT050824036 XFT050824053 XFT050825017 XFT050916018 XFT050919001 XFT050919012 XFT050919015 XFT050919021 XFT050919082 XFT050919085 XFT060109009 XFT060112074 XFT060112100 XFT060113004 XFT060120007 XFT060120015 XFT060120108 XFT060123044 XFT060123065 XFT060123081 XFT060124022 XFT060216017 XFT060220029 XFT060424028 XFT060424041 XFT060424079 XFT060424085 XFT060508007 XFT060508017 XFT060508026 XFT060508028 XFT060508135 XFT060508136 XFT060508154 XFT060511112 XFT060515012 XFT060515029 XFT060515035 XFT060516061 XFT060517022 XFT060517059 XFT060518031 XFT060518037 XFT060703029 XFT060703030 XFT060703070 XFT060703101 XFT060703102 XFT060703111 XFT060705011 XFT060705112 XFT060705124 XFT060714114 XFT060719050 XFT060720078 XFT060720091 XFT060801008 XFT060801036 XFT060801070 XFT060801074 XFT060801095 XFT060801099 XFT060802009 XFT060802012 XFT060802014 XFT060802052 XFT060802083 XFT060803005 XFT060803037 XFT061224095 XFT070123051 XFT070123055 XFT070123154 XFT070124023 XFT070124033 XFT070124040 XFT070125045 XFT070125108 XFT070125203 XFT070125204 XFT070126011 XFT070206004 XFT070206062 XFT070406004 XFT070406019 XFT070406027 XFT070406028 XFT070406036 XFT070406042 XFT070406056 XFT070406101 XFT070406216 XFT070406265 XFT070621068 XFT070621124 XFT070621128 XFT070621137 XFT070621154 XFT070621157 XFT070621178 XFT070622016 XFT070622032 XFT070622036 XFT070622051 XFT070622063 XFT070625034 XFT070625055 XFT070625060 XFT070625102 XFT070625104 XFT070808020 XFT070808051 XFT070808052 XFT070808056 XFT070813058 XFT070813074 XFT070813093 XFT070827003 XFT070827007 XFT070827017 XFT070827019 XFT070827022 XFT070827023 XFT070827073 XFT070827077 XFT070827084 XFT070827098 XFT071019029 XFT071019058 XFT071019065 XFT071019073 XFT071019102 XFT071101010 XFT071101041 XFT071101055 XFT071101068 XFT071101172 XFT071101178 XFT071221038 XFT071221072 XFT071221073 XFT071221168 XFT071221230 XFT071221238 XFT071221244 XFT080130090 XFT080130139 XFT080310002 XFT080310032 XFT080310080 XFT080310099 XFT080515006 XFT080515013 XFT080515170 XFT080707008 XFT080707011 XFT080707018 XFT080707039 XFT080707065 XFT080707078 XFT080707181 XFT080707182 XFT080707185 XFT080707231 XFT080818049 XFT080818076 XFT080818160 XFT080818168 XFT080823015 XFT080823075 XFT080823091 XFT080823134 XFT080823156 XFT080823172 XFT080823205 XFT080823233 XMT050804008 XMT050804038 XMT050921020 XMT050921034 XMT060113002 XMT060113009 XMT060516004 XMT060711003 XMT060711019 XMT060711031 XMT060801007 XMT060801020 XMT070124015 XMT070411005 XMT070810008 XMT071103002 XMT071103003 XMT071103012 XMT071103021 XMT071103032 XMT080310042 XMT080515060 XMT080707018 XMT080707048 XMT080707050 XMT080707057 XMT080817050 XMT080817084 Read more.

July 5, 2012 iSi North America Recalls Twist'n Sparkle Beverage Carbonation System Due to Explosion Hazard

The products are plastic bottles used as a part of the iSi Twist'n Sparkle Beverage Carbonation System. The recalled bottles were sold in the Starter Set model number 1005 with one reusable bottle and the Bottle Set model number 1006 with two reusable bottles. The model numbers are printed on the bottom of the box. The recalled plastic bottles are available in one size and two colors of caps/bottoms, white or gray. Read more.

September 24, 2009 IMI Cornelius Recalls Juice Dispensers Due to Fire Hazard

The recalled commercial juice dispensers have two or four dispensing valves with an illuminated or opaque rounded front cover. Dispensers with serial numbers starting with the following characters are included in this recall: Read more.

August 28, 2008 Countertop Water Dispensers Recalled by Greenway Home Products Due to Fire and Shock Hazards

The recalled countertop water dispensers include the following Vitapur, Greenway and Polar models. They dispense hot or cold water and use three or five gallon water bottles. The model name is printed on the front of the dispenser’s base. Model and serial numbers are printed on a white label on the back of the dispenser’s base. File number 218326 is printed on a silver sticker on the back of the dispenser’s base. Read more.

February 21, 2007 Tap Machine Inc. Recalls Sake Warmers Due to Burn Hazard

The recalled product is used to warm sake at restaurants, bars or for home use. The counter-sized unit is about 11-inches wide by 11-inches deep by 19-inches high. The unit warms sake to between 115 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a front-mounted spigot to control the flow of sake and uses an external 18 liter bag in the box reservoir or an external three liter refillable plastic reservoir, both of which contain sake and are placed on top of the unit. The recalled units have model number SM05 followed by serial numbers: 1001 through 3074, which is written on the left side of the units. Read more.

September 17, 2004 IMI Cornelius Recall to Repair Frozen Carbonate Drink Dispensers

This recall includes IMI Cornelius Pinnacle FCB frozen carbonate beverage dispensers manufactured between May 2002 and June 2004 with a specific motor drive system. The units contain two or four dispensing valves and come in various color combinations. The names "Cornelius," "FCB," and "Pinnacle" are located on identification plates on the unit's right side panel. Cornelius is notifying customers of the serial numbers of affected units sold to them. Read more.