Recalls: Fire Extinguishers

March 12, 2009
Kidde Recalls to Replace Fire Extinguishers Due to Failure to Operate
This recall involves the Kidde XL Fire Extinguishers with model numbers FX340SC, FX340H, FX340GW, XL5MR, FX210R, FX340SC-2, FX210W, XL2.5TCZ-4, E-340-3 and with manufacture dates between October 2007 and April 2008. “Kidde” and the model number can be found on the label on the front of the extinguisher. The manufacture year is on the bottom of the extinguisher. If your extinguisher is one of the listed model numbers and is marked with the year 07 or 08, contact Kidde to determine if you have a recalled extinguisher.
November 13, 2006
ANSUL Recalls Fire Extinguisher that Could Fail to Operate
The recall involves K-GUARD® Wet Chemical, FLAG FIRE® KITCHEN ONE® Wet Chemical, FLAG FIRE® Water and SENTRY® Water Fire Extinguishers manufactured and shipped between May 2003 and September 9, 2005. The recall program involves pick-up tube replacements in the following extinguishers:
February 7, 2006
SFC America Recall to Repair Fire Extinguishers
The recall includes Strike First 2.5 lb and 5 lb dry chemical fire extinguishers with model numbers WBSF-ABC110AP, WBSF-ABC210AP, and WBSF-ABC340AP. The model number is located under the manufacturer's address on the far right hand side of the instruction label. The recalled fire extinguishers have the following serial numbers:
July 26, 2005
Kidde Recall of Industrial Fire Extinguishers
This Alert involves all Kidde 10 lb. dry chemical fire extinguishers manufactured with a black plastic Zytel® nylon valve assembly and a steel cylinder between 1991 and 2000. These units were the subject of Kidde Service Bulletin 007 issued on July 21, 2004. These units were designed for commercial and industrial applications, and the majority of these units were placed into service in factories, plants, businesses and other commercial locations as they require service by a qualified Fire Extinguisher Distributor or Service Organization every 6 years. Some of these units are in use in residential settings. The affected extinguishers have a steel cylinder with a welded neck ring and are between 19 to 21 inches tall as depicted in the image below. This Alert does not apply to Kidde’s smaller 2 1/2 and 5 lb. residential fire extinguishers.
September 27, 2000
Fire Extinguishers Recalled by BRK
May 18, 2000
Fire Extinguishers Recalled by 99 Cents Only
May 30, 1991
Fire Extinguishers Recalled by American LaFrance And BECO
January 3, 1977
Fire Extinguishers Recalled by Bernzomatic