Recall: Deep Fryers Recall by T-Fal

Note: Firm telephone number change

Originally issued March 25, 1997
Revised June 28, 2004
(301) 504-7052
Release # 97-089

CPSC and T-Fal Corp. Announce Recall of Deep Fryers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), T-Fal Corp. of Pine Brook, N.J., is voluntarily recalling about 29,000 deep fryers with fixed pots. Some of these deep fryers have heating elements that can overheat, presenting a risk of burn injuries.

T-Fal has received 25 reports of the deep fryers' heating elements overheating, which resulted in the units' bases beginning to melt. While some counter tops have been damaged, T-Fal is not aware of any injuries or fires involving these deep fryers.

There are three models of deep fryers subject to this recall. The models involved in this recall have fixed pots and were manufactured during particular weeks of 1996, as indicated in the following table.

Model Name
Model No.
Date Manufactured
Superclean Midi 3350 Manufactured during weeks 22 through 30 of 1996
Superclean Maxi 3358 Manufactured during week 45 of 1996
Superclean Maxi 3360 Manufactured during weeks 26 and 46 of 1996

The model number and date manufactured is printed on a silver label affixed to the units' bases. The model number follows the word "CODE." The date manufactured is located above the words "MADE IN MEXICO." The week is indicated by the two-digit number and the year is indicated by the single-digit number.

The fixed pot "Superclean Midi" fryer (model 3350) displays the words, "T-FAL SUPERCLEAN SAFETY FRYER MIDI." The fixed pot "Superclean Maxi" fryer (models 3358 and 3360) displays the words, "T-FAL SUPERCLEAN SAFETY FRYER MAXI." The fryers all have a molded white plastic exterior and a lid that opens on a hinge and locks into place.

The deep fryers are packaged in a cardboard carton labeled in part, "T-FAL SUPERCLEAN SAFETY FRYER." Labeling on the carton is written in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. The carton displays a picture of the deep fryer.

Major retail stores nationwide (including Ames, Bradlees, and Hills) and QVC (home shopping television program) sold the deep fryers from May through December 1996 for about $50 to $70.

Consumers should immediately stop using the deep fryers subject to this recall and call T-Fal toll-free at (800) 395-8325. T-Fal will inspect the fryers and provide a free replacement to consumers who own fryers with problem heating elements.

No T-Fal deep fryers with removable pots or fryers with fixed pots manufactured during other weeks are involved inthis recall.