Recalls: Furnaces

June 8, 2023 Allied Air Enterprises Recalls Armstrong Air and Air Ease Gas Furnaces Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

This recall involves 96% efficiency gas furnaces under the ARMSTRONG and AIREASE brand names with the model numbers A96UH1E045B12S, A96UH1E070B12S, and/or A96UH1E110C20S. The furnaces weigh between 129 and 170 pounds and were sold between September 2022 and March 2023. The brand name is printed on the outside of the furnace, and the model number is located on the label found by opening the furnace door. Read more.

November 8, 2016 Trane Recalls Furnaces Due to Shock Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves Trane, American Standard, Ameristar brand or unbranded furnaces. The recalled furnaces include serial numbers beginning with 16304 through 16324. The model and serial numbers are printed on a white label on the left or right-hand side of the unit. The following model numbers are included in the recall: Trane American Standard Ameristar or Not Branded TDC1B060A9361AE ADC1B060A9361AE M801P040AU24AAC TDC1B080A9421AF ADC1B080A9421AF M801P060AU24AAC TDD1A060A9241BA ADD1B080A9H31BC M801P060AU36AAB TDD1B060A9361BA ADD1C100A9481BA M801P080BU36AAC TDD1B060A9H31BC ADD1D120A9H51BC M801P080BU48AAC TDD1C100A9481BA ADD2B080A9V3VAB M801P100CU48AAC TDD2B060A9V3VAB ADE1A060A9361AE M801P120DD60AAC TDD2B080A9V3VAB ADE1B080A9451AE M801P120DU60AAB TDD2C100A9482AE ADE1B100A9451AE M951P040BD24AAB TDD2C100A9V5VAB ADE1D120A9601AD M951P040BU24AAB TDE1B060A9361AE ADH1B065A9421AB M951P060BU36AAB TDE1B080A9451AE ADH1C085A9481AA M951P065BD42AAB TDE1B100A9451AE ADHMB080ACV3VBC M951P080BU42ABB TDE1C100A9601AD AUC1B040A9241AF M951P085CD48AAA TDH1B040A9241AB AUC1B060A9361AF M951P100CU48AAA TDH1B040A9H21BA AUC1B080A9421AF M952V060BD36ABA TDH1B065A9421AB AUC1C100A9481AE M952V060BU36ABA TDH1C085A9481AA AUC1D100A9601AE M952V080BU36ABA TDH1C085A9H41BA AUC1D120A9601AE M952V100CU48ABA TDH1D110A9601AA AUD1A040A9241BA TDH2B080A942VAB AUD1A040A9301BA TUC1B040A9241AF AUD1A040A9H21BC TUC1B060A9361AF AUD1A060A9241BA TUC1B080A9421AF AUD1A060A9361BA TUC1C100A9481AE AUD1B060A9361BA TUC1D100A9601AE AUD1B080A9361BA TUC1D120A9601AE AUD1B080A9481BA TUD1A040A9241BA AUD1B080A9H31BC TUD1A040A9H21BC AUD1B100A9361BA TUD1A060A9241BA AUD1B100A9451BA TUD1A060A9361BA AUD1C080A9601BA TUD1B060A9361BA AUD1C080A9H41BC TUD1B060A9H31BC AUD1C100A9481BA TUD1B080A9361BA AUD1C100A9601BA TUD1B080A9481BA AUD1C100A9H51BC TUD1B080A9H31BC AUD1D120A9601BA TUD1B100A9361BA AUD1D140A9H51BC TUD1B100A9451BA AUD2B060A9V3VBB TUD1C080A9601BA AUD2B060ACV32AC TUD1C080A9H41BC AUD2B080A9362AD TUD1C100A9481BA AUD2B080A9V3VBB TUD1C100A9601BA AUD2B080ACV32AC TUD1C100A9H51BC AUD2C080A9V4VBB TUD1C120A9541BA AUD2C080ACV42AB TUD1D120A9601BA AUD2C080ACV42AC TUD1D120A9H51BC AUD2C100A9V5VBB TUD2A040A9242AD AUD2C100ACV52AC TUD2A060A9362AC AUD2C100B9V5VBB TUD2B060A9V3VBB AUD2D120ACV52AC TUD2B060ACV32AC AUD2D140A9V5VBB TUD2B080A9V3VBB AUE1A040A9241AE TUD2B080ACV32AC AUE1A060A9361AD TUD2B100A9V3VBB AUE1B060A9361AE TUD2C080A9V4VBB AUE1B080A9361AE TUD2C080ACV42AC AUE1B080A9481AE TUD2C080B9V4VBB AUE1B100A9361AE TUD2C100A9602AC AUE1C100A9481AE TUD2C100A9V5VBB AUE1C100A9601AD TUD2C100ACV52AC AUE1D120A9601AD TUD2C100B9V5VBB AUH1B040A9241AB TUD2D120A9V5VBB AUH1B060A9361AB TUD2D120ACV52AC AUH1B060A9H31BA TUD2D120B9V5VBB AUH1B080A9421BB TUD2D140A9602AC AUH1B080A9H31CA TUE1A040A9241AE AUH1C080A9601AA TUE1A060A9241AE AUH1C100A9481AA TUE1A060A9361AD AUH1C100A9H41BA TUE1B060A9361AE AUH1D120A9601AA TUE1B080A9361AE AUH2B060A9V3VBA TUE1B080A9481AE AUH2B080A942VAB TUE1B100A9361AE AUH2B080A9V3VBA TUE1C100A9481AE AUH2C100A948VAA TUE1C100A9601AD AUHMB060ACV3VBC TUE1D120A9601AD AUHMC100ACV4VBB TUH1B040A9241AB TUH1B040A9H21BA TUH1B060A9361AB TUH1B060A9H31BA TUH1B080A9421BB TUH1B080A9H31CA TUH1C080A9601AA TUH1C100A9481AA TUH1C100A9H41BA TUH1D100A9601AA TUH1D120A9601AA TUH1D120A9H51BA TUH2B060A936VAB TUH2B060A9V3VBA TUH2B080A942VAB TUH2B080A9V3VBA TUH2B080A9V4VBA TUHMB060ACV3VBC TUHMB080ACV3VBC TUHMC100ACV4VBB TUHMD120ACV5VBB Read more.

March 10, 2016 Carlin Recalls Williamson and Thermoflo Furnaces and Boilers Equipped with Carlin Burners Due to Fire Hazard (Recall Alert)

The recall includes Williamson and Thermoflo furnaces and boilers with Carlin oil burners with an installation date label between April 1, 2015 and November 31, 2015. The installation date is printed on a label on the outside of the furnace or boiler. Recalled furnaces have a Carlin burner inside of the furnace, behind the furnace grate. Recalled boilers have a Carlin burner attached to the outside of the boiler enclosure. "Carlin" is printed in white letters on the face of the burner nameplate. Read more.

February 3, 2012 Fire Concerns Prompt York International to Reannounce Recall of Gas Furnaces for Manufactured Homes

The recall involves Coleman, Coleman Evcon and Red T brand furnaces. The furnaces are silver with white access panels. “Coleman," "Coleman Evcon" and "Red T" brand names are located on the middle of the front access panel. The model number is written on a faceplate, found by removing both front access panels. The faceplate is found mounted on the left inside surface behind the lower panel. Models included in the recall are: Read more.

April 14, 2011 ADP Recalls to Repair Unit Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves ADP FOA series unit heaters with heating capacity, model and serial numbers listed below. These unit heaters are separated combustion and gas-fired. The brand name "ADP", the model number and the serial number can be found on the nameplate located inside the control cabinet. Read more.

April 14, 2011 Lennox Industries Recalls to Repair Garage Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves Lennox garage heaters with heating capacity, model number, and serial number listed below. The brand name "Lennox", the model number and the serial number can be found on the nameplate located inside the control cabinet. Read more.

September 17, 2009 Furnaces Recalled by Northwest Manufacturing Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves the WoodMaster AFS 900 outdoor furnace. The furnaces were sold in green, black, brown, camo, grey, red and taupe. The WoodMaster logo AND AFS900 are on the front. Read more.

January 22, 2009 Rheem Recalls to Repair Oil-Fired Furnaces Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves oil-fired furnaces sold under the Rheem, Ruud and United Refrigeration brands. Only the models beginning with the model numbers listed in the chart below and with date codes ending in 0106 through 5206, 0107 through 5207, or 0108 through 4808 are included in this recall. The model number and date code (designated by the four digits following an “M” in the middle of the serial number) are printed on the unit’s rating plate, which is on the left wall of the furnace’s interior just above the burner. The rating plate can be found by opening the unit’s burner access door, which has slotted openings. Read more.

February 21, 2008 Greenheck Fan Recalls Indirect Gas Fired Furnaces Due to Risk of Fire

The recall involves Greenheck Fan Indirect Gas-Fired Furnaces models PVF, PVFH, IGX, IG, ERH and ERCH. The model name is located on the control center door or the furnace door. The furnace is either natural gas or LP gas (propane) fueled. Only units with ignition control module model number 35-615922-125 are included in the recall. Read more.

February 21, 2008 Rinnai Recalls Wall Furnaces Due to Carbon Monoxide Hazard

The recall involves Rinnai EnergySaver Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces, Models RHFE 431 and RHFE 556. They are either natural gas or LP gas (propane) fueled. The following model numbers are included in the recall: Read more.