Recall: Unstable Refuse Bins Ban

June 13, 1977  
Release # 77-065

CPSC Bans Unstable Refuse Bins

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 13) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today published in the Federal Register a ban of unstable refuse bins.

On January 3, 1975, Stephen R. Redmond, the Commissioner of Health of Dutchess County, New York, petitioned CPSC to establish safe design criteria for the manufacture of refuse bins. The Commission began reviewing the problem and studied 19 in-depth investigation reports of accidents associated with tip-over of unstable refuse bins. The 19 accidents involved 21 victims and resulted in 13 deaths. Of the 21 victims, 20 were children 10 years of age and under. On this basis the Commission determined that there is an unreasonable risk of injury or death from tip-over of unstable refuse bins.

The Commission further found that refuse bins are used for many years before being discarded. Also, a substantial number of these bins are rented to persons who make them available for use by many consumers. The combination of these factors, long life and continuing availability to the public, convinced the Commission that no feasible standard for these bins would adequately protect the public from these unstable refuse bins and, therefore, a ban was necessary.

The ban will become effective in one year, on June 13, 1978. The Commission believes the one year period prior to the effective date will allow refuse bin owners to retrofit these bins and eliminate the stability problem.

The ban will apply to unstable metal refuse bins that have an internal volume of one cubic yard or greater that are being distributed in commerce after June 12, 1978. The ban prohibits the manufacture, sale, and distribution in commerce of these unstable refuse bins. The owner of a bin who rents or leases it to persons who make it available for use by consumers is considered to be distributing it in commerce.

Copies of this banning regulation can be obtained from the Office of the Secretary, Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1111 - 18th Street., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20207.