Recalls: Hammocks

August 29, 2008
Baby Hammocks Recalled by FlagHouse Inc. Due to Fall and Strangulation Hazards
The recalled baby hammock is cream-colored canvas and hangs from a wooden pole. The hammock measures about 29 x 43 inches. It has three restraint straps with red buckles and is attached to a cushioned pad for the infant. A mounting fixture, also called a fixing set, is sold with the hammock. “La Siesta” is printed on a tag located below the restraint straps. Model number YABP-1 is printed on a white tag sewn into the hammock’s side seam.
April 29, 2008
Hammocks Sold by LivingXL Recalled Due to Fall Hazard
The recalled hammocks are Model X1010 multi texteline hammock and Model X1011 striped quilted hammock. They consist of a metal frame and cloth hammock. The metal frame is made of steel, is beige in color, and has five pieces, including two foot brackets. The model number is located on the hammock’s packaging and/or instruction sheet.
October 12, 2007
Collections Etc. Inc. Announces Recall of Double Hammocks Due to Fall Hazard
This recall involves hammocks made with a solid green fabric and white support ropes. The hammocks’ green fabric measures 73-inches long by 46-inches wide and supports a maximum of up to 350lbs.
July 3, 2007
Hammock Stands Recalled by The Algoma Net Co. Due to Fall Hazard
The recall includes Algoma hammock stands model numbers 6250, 6250BH, and 6290W88B. They were sold with a cotton rope hammock with wood spreader bars and attached chains. The frame is made of steel and has five separate tubular pieces, including two foot brackets. The model number is located at the top of the instruction sheet that was provided with the hammock stand.
June 13, 2006
Foldable Steel Hammock Stand Sold at Lowe's Stores Recalled
The recalled hammock stand is black steel, is foldable, and has two wheels. The item number, 226724, is printed on the box in which the hammock stand was sold, and on the instructions that were provided with the hammock stand.
September 18, 2000
Baby Hammocks Recalled by Hamacas
May 10, 2000
Wooden Stacking Toys, Baby Hammocks & Candle Holders Recall
August 8, 1996
Mini-Hammocks Recalled
May 16, 1996
Mini-Hammocks Recalled by 10 Manufacturers
December 14, 1995
Mini-Hammock Recalled by Consolidated Stores