Recalls: Home Appliances, Maintenance and Structures

April 11, 2024 Touchat Area Rugs Recalled Due to Fire Hazard; Violation of Federal Flammability Regulations; Sold Exclusively on by Touchat

This recall involves Touchat Large Fuzzy Area Rugs. The rectangular rugs are gray and measure 8 feet x 10 feet. "100% Polyester" and "Made in China" are printed on a label on the underside of the product. Read more.

April 4, 2024 Two Million Black+DeckerĀ® Garment Steamers Recalled by Empower Brands in Major Recall Expansion Due to Burn Hazard; Refund Now Offered

This recall expansion involves all BLACK+DECKER Model HGS011 Easy Garment Steamers, including those that were repaired as part of the previous recall in November 2022. The steamers were sold in a variety of colors. The name BLACK+DECKER is located at the base of the steamer. The steamer measures about 11 inches high by 6 inches wide, and has a large handle. The model numbers are printed on the bottom of the steamer and on all sides of the color package, and UPC codes are printed on the sides, back and bottom of the color package. Model UPC HGS011F 0 50875 82840 7 HGS011S 0 50875 82839 1 HGS011 0 50875 82838 4 HGS011T 0 50875 00272 2 Read more.

March 28, 2024 Pure Brands of California Recalls Purefog Juice Liquid Due to Risk of Mold Exposure; Sold Exclusively on

This recall involves Purefog High Density Natural Fog Juice Liquid, Long Lasting, Water Based for all Fog Machines 400-1500 Watts with model number B0BG4L3997 and Lot code #623-PFHD. The model number and lot code are located on the back label at the bottom. The fog juice liquid is used in machines that create a smoke or "fog" effect such as that seen during rock concerts on stage. Read more.

March 21, 2024 Crown Boiler Recalls Home Heating Boilers Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

This recall involves Crown Boiler Aruba IV (AWR Series) gas-fired hot water boilers powered by natural gas and LP (propane) gas. This recall only involves boilers configured for use at altitudes above 2,000 feet. The model name Aruba IV is not found on the label. The boiler is red and gray and 39.5 inches high. A "Crown" logo appears on the upper front-center of the unit. The model number is shown on the boiler's rating plate, located on the top of the right side of the boiler where shown. Crown is printed on the side, and the model number for Aruba IV is located on a large white label on the red metal side of the boiler. The following model numbers are included in this recall regardless of date manufactured: AWR070BLST3P8U AWR105BLST3P8U AWR140BLST3P8U AWR175BLT3HU1 AWR070BLT3HU1 AWR105BLT3HU1 AWR140BLT3HU1 AWR175BNST3P8U AWR070BNST3P8U AWR105BNST3P8U AWR140BNST3P8U AWR175BNT3HU1 AWR070BNT3HU1 AWR105BNT3HU1 AWR140BNT3HU1 AWR175ELST2P8U AWR070ELST2P8U AWR105ELST2P8U AWR140ELST2P8U AWR175ENST2P8U AWR070ENST2P8U AWR105ENST2P8U AWR140ENST2P8U AWR210BNST3P8U AWR245BLST3P8U AWR280BNST3P8U AWR210BNT3HU1 AWR245BLT3HU1 AWR280BNT3HU1 AWR210ELST2P8U AWR245BNST3P8U AWR280ELST2P8U AWR210ENST2P8 Read more.

March 14, 2024 Honeywell Recalls System Sensor L-Series Low Frequency Fire Alarm Sounders and Strobes Due to Risk of Failure to Alert Consumers to a Fire

This recall involves all Honeywell System Sounder L-series Low Frequency Sounders, Sounder Strobes, and Compact Sounders. The sounder and strobes are square, with white and red plastic housings, listed for wall mounting and measure about 5.6 by 4.7 inches for the sounders and strobes and about 5.3 by 3.5 inches for the compact sounder. The model number, date codes and "System Sensor" are printed on the product label and carton. Date codes 3034 and 3035 and the following models are included in this recall: HWL-LF, HWL-LF-BP10, HRL-LF, HRL-LF-BP10, HGWL-LF-BP10, P2WL-LF. Read more.

March 14, 2024 U.S. Boiler Company Recalls Gas-Fired Hot Water Residential Boilers Due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

This recall involves gas-fired residential boilers with brand names U.S. Boiler, New Yorker Boiler, Advantage, FORCE and Archer. The following boiler models that are currently installed at altitudes greater than 5,400 ft. above sea level are part of this recall. The U.S. boiler ES2 and Series 3 models are blue with a black top front and black vents on the front. The logo is located on the black top front of the boiler. The X-2 model has a solid teal color. The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The Lancer model is gray with a blue top. The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The Force G-3 model is solid gray. The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The CGE and CGF models are solid green The logo is located in the front middle of the boiler. The model and serial numbers are located on the boiler rating plate, which is on the top panel of the ES2 and Series 3 models, and on the inside vestibule (behind removable door) on the right side panel for X-2, CG-F, CG-E, AG , Force and Archer models. All of the models are about 40 inches tall from the floor to the top of the jacket. U.S. Boiler ES2 models ES23, ES24, ES25, ES26, ES27, ES28, ES29 (with or without "-N" or "-P" suffix) U.S. Boiler Series 3 models 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309 (with or without "-N" or "-P" suffix) U.S. Boiler X-2 models X-202, X-203, X-204, X-205, X-206, X-207, X-208, X-209 New Yorker CG-E models CG30E, CG40E, CG50E, CG60E, CG70E, CG80E, CG90E New Yorker CG-F models CG20F, CG30F, CG40F, CG50F, CG60F, CG70F, CG80F, CG90F Advantage AG models AG3, AG4, AG5, AG6 FORCE models FORCE02E, FORCE03E, FORCE04E, FORCE05E, FORCE06E, FORCE07E, FORCE08E, FORCE09E Archer Boilers Lancer models LCR-2-038, LCR-3-068, LCR-4-102, LCR-5-136, LCR-6-170 Read more.

February 29, 2024 The Home Appliances Recalls Camplux Brand Portable Tankless Water Heaters Due to Fire Hazard

This recall involves certain Camplux brand portable tankless water heaters with model numbers AY132, BD158, BW211, BW264, and BW422, with the following sizes and manufacturing dates: Model Product Details Manufacture Date AY132 5L 1.32 GPM 34,000 btu/hr On or before September 17, 2021 BD158 6L 1.58 GPM 41,000 btu/hr On or before November 17, 2021 BW211 8L 2.11 GPM 55,000 btu/hr On or before November 17, 2021 BW264 12.8L 2.64 GPM 68,000 btu/hr On or before November 17, 2021 BW422 16L 4.22 GPM 110,000 btu/hr On or before December 20, 2021 These water heaters were designed and intended for outdoor use with an attached propane tank to quickly heat water for showering or other hot water needs. The water heaters were sold in white, black, and silver/gray colors. The "Camplux" logo is printed on the front of the unit. The product label is located on the side of the unit and includes the model, size and other product details, serial numbers, and brand information. Consumers will be directed to take a photograph of the label on their Camplux water heater product and send to Camplux to confirm that they have a recalled water heater to receive the replacement gas regulator. Read more.

February 22, 2024 Biometric Gun Safes Recalled Due to Serious Injury Hazard and Risk of Death; Imported by Awesafe

This recall involves certain Awesafe biometric gun safes. The recalled gun safes are black, can fit two pistols, and have the brand name "Awesafe" on the front. Read more.

February 22, 2024 Machir Recalls Biometric Personal Safes Due to Serious Injury Hazard and Risk of Death

This recall involves certain Machir biometric personal safes used to store personal items. They measure about 10 inches by 14 inches by 10 inches. The serial numbers are located on the lower righthand corner of the front door of the safe. The following serial number ranges are included in this recall: SW190035551 - SW190038050 SW190070151 - SW190072650 SW190175401 - SW190175857 SW190262061 - SW190264301 SVA2001200005001 - SVA2001200007000 SVA2001200014632 - SVA2001200014995 SVA2001200015001 - SVA2001200017577 SVA2001200086685 - SVA2001200089624 SVA2001200164001 - SVA2001200165000 SVA2001200115471 - SVA2001200119880 SVA2001200122399 - SVA2001200124758 SVA2001200172611 - SVA2001200174080 Read more.

February 22, 2024 JURLEA Rugs Recalled Due to Fire Hazard; Violation of Federal Flammability Regulations; Sold Exclusively on by Yalande-US

This recall involves two styles of large area rugs sold in three different sizes. The rugs come in neutral, multicolor designs. No labels are present on the product. Color Sizes Light Gray/Ivory 5'3" x 6'6" 6'6" x 8'2" 6'6" x 9'10" Gray Beige/Light Yellow 5'3" x 6'6" 6'6" x 8'2" 6'6" x 9'10" Read more.