Recalls: Hot Water Valves (Residential Heating)

December 22, 2009
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves for Large Water Heaters Recalled by Watts Regulator Due to Rupture and Burn Hazards
This recall involves the one-inch 140X-9 Temperature and Pressure Relief valves, which are typically used in large water heaters for commercial buildings or possibly for large homes. The valves bear item codes 0259844 (75 psi/210°F); 0259924 (100 psi/210°F); 0259708 (150 psi/210°F); 0259925 (125 psi/210°F); and 0259930 (150 psi/210°F). The affected date codes are 0641R through 0930R. The date code is printed after the model number “M15” on a green metal tag fastened to the pressure relief valve.
April 1, 2008
Gecko Alliance Recalls Electronic Spa Controls Used on Serenity Spas Due to Fire Hazard
This recall involves the Hydropool Serenity Series Spa hot tubs with serial numbers 01350XXXX through 03210XXXX. The serial numbers are printed on the right side of the spa control. The Gecko spa control (SSPA-1) has model number 0202-205097 printed on it.
October 25, 2006
Delta Faucet Co. Recalls Bathtub and Shower Temperature Control Valves Due to Scald Hazard
The Universal Multichoice Valves were sold under the Delta brand name. The valves are used in bathtubs and showers to regulate the temperature of the water flow. The valves are located inside the shower or bathtub water control knobs.
April 27, 2005
Bell & Gossett Recall of Dual Unit Valves
Dual Unit Valve, model numbers 8, 8 TU, F-8 and F-8TU, Bell & Gossett part numbers: 110199, 110200, 110201, and 110202 with a manufacturing date code of E30 (May 2003) through M40 (December 2004). This includes the following specific date codes –E30, F30, G30, H30, J30, K30, L30, M30, A40, B40, C40, D40, E40, F40, J40, K40, L40, and M40. This recall applies strictly to product that has not been installed. Units already installed are not affected since the potential leak would appear at time of installation. The valves are used in residential heating systems, for filling hot water boilers and related piping systems after boiler installation or system servicing.