Recalls: Ice Makers

February 8, 2024 Electrolux Group Recalls Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerators with Slim Ice Buckets Due to Choking and Laceration Hazards

This recall involves certain Frigidaire branded side by side refrigerators with Slim Ice buckets manufactured between 2015 and 2019, with model numbers DGHK2355TF, DGHX2655TF, FFSC2323TS, FGSC2335TD, FGSC2335TF, FGSS2635TD, FGSS2635TE, FGSS2635TF, FGSS2635TP, FPSC2277RF, FPSC2278UF, FPSS2677RF, LFSC2324VF, LGHK2336TD, LGHK2336TF, LGHX2636TD, and LGHX2636TF. Consumers can also visit to see if their specific serial number is included in this recall. The model and serial numbers are printed on a serial plate located inside the refrigerator compartment. Model numbers include: Model Numbers DGHK2355TF DGHX2655TF FFSC2323TS FGSC2335TD FGSC2335TF FGSS2635TD FGSS2635TE FGSS2635TF FGSS2635TP FPSC2277RF FPSC2278UF FPSS2677RF LFSC2324VF LGHK2336TD LGHK2336TF LGHX2636TD LGHX2636TF Color Guide The last letter of each model number denotes the various colors: F and S: Stainless Steel D: Dark Stainless Steel E: Black Painted P: White Painted Read more.

October 12, 2023 Countertop Nugget Ice Makers Recalled Due to Laceration Hazard ; Sold Exclusively through Amazon; Distributed by Far Success Trading

This recall involves Gevi Household Countertop Nugget Ice Makers with model number GIMN-1102 and a date code of before June 1, 2022. The model number and date code are listed on the product label on the back of the unit. The ice makers are stainless steel and with a white, black or blue exterior top and come with an ice basket, ?ice scooper and a 1/4'' water inlet hose. They measure about 10 inches wide and 17 inches high. Read more.

June 2, 2022 Electrolux Recalls Frigidaire and Electrolux Refrigerators Due to Choking Hazard from Ice Maker

This recall involves 13 models of Frigidaire refrigerators and one Electrolux model refrigerator. The refrigerators all feature an ice maker and come in stainless steel, white and black. The brand name, model and serial number for each unit is printed on a label located on the right panel in the interior of the refrigerator compartment. The refrigerators range from 23 to 36 inches wide. The following model numbers and their serial number ranges are included in this recall. Brand Model Number/Product Type UPC Code Serial Range Frigidaire Prof. PRMC2285AF French Door 0-12505-64714-7 1K90974428 - 1K21374177 Electrolux French Door ERMC2295AS 0-12505-64715-4 1K91272383 - 1K21374610 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2323AB 0-12505-64786-4 4A11005907 - 4A21110079 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2323AW 0-12505-64787-1 4A11010081 - 4A21112264 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2323AD 0-12505-64788-8 4A11314335 - 4A21112489 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2323AS 0-12505-64785-7 4A11005673 - 4A21201870 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2333AS 0-12505-64789-5 4A11317863 - 4A21112732 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2623AB 0-12505-64772-7 4A12104890 - 4A21204442 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2623AW 0-12505-64773-4 4A12012169 - 4A12012280 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2623AD 0-12505-64774-1 4A12219737 - 4A20906066 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2623AS 0-12505-64771-0 4A04409324 - 4A21200876 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS2633AS 0-12505-64876-2 4A12012169 - 4A13402496 Frigidaire Side by Side FRSS26L3AF 0-12505-64792-5 4A11203977 - 4A21116296 Frigidaire Top Freezer FFHI1835VS 0-12505-64680-5 BA92424713 - BA21210491 Read more.

February 25, 2010 Commercial Ice Cube Machines Recalled by Scotsman Due to Fire Hazard

The recalled machines are designed to be installed on top of ice storage bins or ice dispensers, and typically are used in commercial establishments. Model numbers begin with C0322, C0330, C0522, C0530, C0630, C0830, C1030, C1448, C1848, C2148, EH130, EH222, EH330, or EH430, and serial numbers of the recalled machines within these model designations begin with 05, 06, 07, 08 or 09. Model and serial numbers are on the back of all machines and, depending on the model, behind the machine’s front panel either in the lower right corner of the machine or on the left side of the sheet metal wall that separates the larger (equipment) compartment from the smaller (ice-making) compartment. Read more.