Recall: Mixmaster Stand Mixers Recalled by Sunbeam



August 27, 1990

(301) 504-7908

Release # 90-142


Sunbeam Announces Recall Of Some Mixmaster Stand Mixers Because Of Electric Shock Hazard

WASHINGTON, DC -- Approximately 1,400 Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixers produced in the first quarter of 1990 are being voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer, Sunbeam Appliance Company of Milwaukee, WI, because they may present a risk of severe electric shock. The recall which is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) involves two newly-introduced models of stand mixers, the 01930 and the 01940. Both of these mixers have chrome-plated housings. These mixers were distributed nationwide from February through April of this year. No other models are included in this recall.

Consumers who purchased a Sunbeam stand mixer this year can determine is they have an affected model by looking for the model number and the date code on the nameplate located between the beater openings on the underside of the mixer housing. The model numbers affected are 01940 [Service No. 1-94BZ] and 01930 [Service No. 1-93BY]. The only mixers affected are those with date codes of: JPD, JPE, FPB, FPC, MPA, MPB, and MPC. The words "Sunbeam Appliance Company," also appear on the nameplate.

If you have one of these mixers you should stop using it immediately and contact Sunbeam. Motors and other electrical components, through shipping, use or handling, may shift and contact the inside of the chrome-plated mixer housing, which could create a risk of severe electric shock to the user. Even though no consumers have reported electric shocks from using these mixers, Sunbeam recognized the possible severity of any electric shock and reported this potential hazard to the CPSC.

Sunbeam has a toll-free telephone number, 1-800-441-7068, to assist consumers in determining if they have a mixer that should be returned. The number is in operation from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Consumers who have affected mixers will be sent a pre-addressed, pre-stamped box in which to return the motor/housing of their mixer. Sunbeam will provide a replacement unit free of charge.