Recalls: Other Public Use Items

July 27, 2023 Soft Play Recalls Sky Wheels Due to Fall Hazard and Risk of Injury to Children (Recall Alert)

This recall involves Sky Wheels, which are an individual active play component manufactured for and sold to businesses. They can be incorporated into a larger indoor soft-contained play system. The Sky Wheel is comprised of a 14-inch diameter 4-spoke metal wheel attached to a downward facing milled and threaded shaft which is supported from an overhead bar within the play system framing structure. Read more.

January 11, 2022 Bella Elevator Recalls Residential Elevators Due to Child Entrapment Hazard; Risk of Serious Injury or Death to Young Children

This recall involves Bella residential elevators manufactured from 2009 to 2021. Models include Symmetry IGD, Hydraulic, and Winding Drum Elevators. The Symmetry brand name is located on the elevators' controllers. The elevators are used in consumers' homes. Read more.

February 24, 2021 Potter Electric Recalls Addressable Pull Stations Single/Dual Action Due to Failure to Alert to Fire

This recall involves Potter Electric Addressable Pull Stations. When manually pulled, these red-colored devices are intended to activate a fire alarm in commercial and other buildings. Recalled models include: (1) Potter Electric Addressable Dual Action Pull Station, Model PAD100-PSDA, Part Number 3992720, with a date code Dec 03 2020; and (2) Potter Electric Addressable Single Action Pull Station, Model PAD100-PSSA, Part Number 3992721, with date codes Nov 10 2020, Nov 25 2020, Dec 01 2020, and Dec 03 2020. "Potter" is printed on the front of all devices. The date code is located inside the device. Read more.

December 17, 2020 Otis Elevator Company Recalls to Inspect Private Residence Elevators Due to Entrapment Hazard; Risk of Serious Injury or Death to Young Children

This recall involves Otis private residence elevators purchased before 2012 and CemcoLift private residence elevators purchased from 1999 to 2012. The elevators are used in consumers' homes. Read more.

June 21, 2019 Honeywell Recalls Gamewell-FCI and Notifier Photoelectric Smoke Sensors Sold with Fire Alarm Systems Due to Failure to Alert of a Fire

This recall involves "-IV" Intelligent photoelectric smoke sensors sold with fire alarm systems installed primarily in commercial buildings; not sold to retailers or consumers. The smoke sensors are round, ivory in color, and measure four inches in diameter. The model number, date codes and Honeywell or Notifier are printed on the back label of the smoke sensor. The smoke sensors have the following brand names, model numbers, date codes, and configuration. Brand Model Date code range Operating mode Connected to Panels Gamewell-FCI ASD-PL3-IV 8034 to 9013 CLIP S3 series and E3 series ASD-PL3R-IV ASD-PTL3-IV Notifier FSP-951-IV NFS-3030 and NFS2-3030 FSP-951R-IV FSP-951T-IV Read more.

March 27, 2019 Cambridge Elevating Recalls Home Elevators Due to Fall Hazard

This recall involves Cambridge Elevating Elmira, Heritage & Hybrid model home elevators using the first and second generation micro-controller systems (BES 1 & BES 2). "Cambridge Elevating" is printed on the label inside the elevators. The elevators have an operating panel inside the cab with a digital display, a stop button, the elevator capacity and a phone box. Only elevators with production date codes 1/2/2009 through 29/11/17 printed on the manufacture label inside the elevator wall are included in the recall. Read more.

October 4, 2018 Metal Playground Climbers Recalled by BCI Burke Due to Strangulation Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves the Burke Merge Metal Climbers. These climbers are used on play equipment as an attachment that allows children to climb up and access the play structure. The metal climbers were sold in many color combinations with small geometric shaped openings with a platform and two welded handgrips at the top. "Burke" is printed on identification labels that are placed on the exterior of the entire play structure. Read more.

May 16, 2018 Play and Park Structures Recalls Playground Slides Due to Entrapment Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves three models of Play and Park Structures SuperMax triple slides. The molded plastic playground slides were sold in multiple colors and have three single bedways and an eight-foot deck. They are age rated 5-12. The Play and Park Structures logo and the age rating are printed on a label located on the upper part of the outside perimeter of the playground structure. Model numbers 71717 (triple slide with spiral), 71718 (triple slide hood cascade) and 71732 (triple entrance cascade with square deck) are included in this recall. The model number is printed on the sales invoice. Read more.

March 29, 2018 Primo Recalls Beverage Dispensers Due to Burn Hazard

This recall involves the Primo hTrio Multi-Purpose beverage dispensers purchased on or before December 31, 2017 which provides both hot and cold water and brews 6, 8, and 10 ounce hot beverages. Model numbers 601225, 601229, and 601240 are printed on the bottom of the product and Primo is printed on the front. Read more.

January 25, 2018 Elkay Recalls Water Coolers and Bottle Filling Stations Due to Shock Hazard

This recall involves Elkay and Halsey Taylor water coolers and bottle filling stations with the model numbers that begin with the letter and number combinations listed below. They are mainly installed in public facilities such as schools/universities, office buildings and airports. The brand Elkay or Halsey Taylor is identified on the front of the units with a nameplate or embossing and the affected serial numbers begin with the numbers 1704, 1705 or 1706. For more information on where to identify the model numbers and serial numbers on the units, visit . Elkay Models ECP8, ECU8 EFA(4, 8, 14, 16, 20) EFHA(8, 14) EFOA8 EFY8 EHFSA8 EMABF(TL)8 ESWA8 EW(TL)A(4, 8, 14, 16, 20) EWCA(4, 8, 14) EZ (all models) FD700(3, 5, 10) HEW3 LFAE(8, 14, 20) LFDE10 LMABF(TL)8 LVRC(TL)8 LVRCGRN(TL)8 LVRCHD(TL)8 LWAE(8, 14) LWCE4 LZ (all models) OHFAVR8 VRC(TL)8, VRC(TL)FR(D, 8) VRCGRN(TL)8 VRCHD(TL)8 Halsey Taylor Models HAC(G)8 HBW8 HOF14 HTHBHAC(G)8 HTHBHVR8 HTVZ (all models) HVR(GRN)8 HVR8HD S(300, 500, 10000) SCWT(8, 14, 20) SW(4, 8, 14) WC8 WM(8, 14, 16) XP8 Read more.