Recalls: Shredders/Chippers

April 4, 2006
Tecumseh Engines Used on Various Power Equipment Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
The recall includes power equipment with Tecumseh engines listed below. The engine model number and date of manufacture (DOM) information is located on a label on the side of the housing. The recalled engines have a date of manufacture code (DOM) that starts with 05241 to 05286. The label on the engine reads, "Tecumseh Power Company," and in addition to the Model and DOM information, lists the Spec number needed for identification.
June 29, 2004
Echo Inc. Recall of Gas-Powered Hand Tools
November 27, 2002
Tecumseh Products Co. Recalls Power Equipment Engines
September 30, 1999
Engines on Outdoor Power Equipment Recalled by Tecumseh Products
February 24, 1975
Compost & Leaf Shredders Repaired by Kemp Shredder
November 4, 1974
Kemp Shredder - Safety Instructions