Recall: Smoke Detectors Recalled by Chloride Pyrotector

August 3, 1981  
Release # 81-020

Smoke Detectors Recalled

WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 3, 1981) -- Some Commercial and residential battery-operated photoelectric smoke detectors sold since 1979 under the brand names of Chloride Pyrotector, Archer, Masterguard, Vanguard, Vantage I and Protect-er Systems are being recalled because a potentially defective electronic microchip may prevent the alarm from sounding in the presence of smoke.

The recall is being conducted voluntarily by the Chloride Pyrotector Division of Chloride, Inc., Hingham, Mass., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Some of the firm's 185,000 smoke detectors manufactured from March 1, 1979 to March 15, 1981 may contain a transistor array semiconductor that will not operate in the presence of smoke.

Owners of the smoke detectors have been asked by the manufacturer to remove the back plate of the product so that the model or code number may be checked on the interior hosing. Potentially defective smoke detectors include the following:

Chloride Pyrotector - Models 3077,3078,3079; Archer number 275453 sold through Radio Shack; Masterguard MGB 360; Vanguard 817; and Protect-er Systems P365. Potentially defective models also will have a 6-digit data code on the housing showing dates between 030179 and 031581.

Consumer wishing to verify the model number should contact CPSC's toll-free Hotline at 800-638-2772.

Commerical and residential users may verify the integrity of the smoke detectors by testing the horn with a fresh factory specified 9-volt battery. If the horn sounds when the test button is pressed, the detector does not contain a defective microchip; if the horn does not sound, the user is requested to call Roberta Calla of Chloride Pyrotector at 1-800-343-5647 for instructions on where to send the product for a free replacement or repair.