Recall: Smoke Alarms Recalled by ESL

November 1, 1983  
Release # 83-055

ESL Recalls Smoke Alarms

Washington, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Electro Signal Lab, Inc. (ESL) of Rockland, Massachusetts, today announced a voluntary recall affecting approximately 500,000 of its smoke alarms, some of which may not sound or fail to sound loudly when smoke is present. These alarms were manufactured in both 120V AC and battery-powered models and may be installed in hotels, motels, apartments, institutions and consumers homes, There have been no reports of any injuries associated with this problem.

The alarms are circular in shape with an off-white plastic cover, and a white test button that lies flush with the cover's face. The brand name (ESL, ADT, Aritech, or Edwards) and the words "Smoke Alarm" appear in raised lettering just above a half-moon-shaped grill on the face.

ESL produced the alarms, which were sold nationwide, between July, 1981, and February, 1983. They were sold under the following names and model numbers:

311M 7539 417 ES671
321   417T FS672
321CC   417TC FS673

330 7545 FS681
330C   FS682
330M   FS683

The model number for both AC and battery-powered units can be found on the back of the alarm and is contained on the cover of the instruction booklet included with each unit. The affected alarms have a six digit date code between 070181 and 022383 on a rectangular white sticker on the back of the smoke alarm.

ESL urges users to immediately check to determine if the smoke alarm is working properly by pushing the test button and holding for a minimum of 20 seconds. If the alarm does not sound or fails to sound loudly when tested, users should contact ESL on its toll-free number 800-225-8632, or write ESL, 1022 Hingham Street, Rockland, Massachusetts 02370 to obtain instructions for returning units postage- paid for repair or replacement with a comparable model. There is no need for the alarm to be removed from the wall or ceiling unless the consumer has tested it and it has failed to sound loudly.

Both ESL and the Consumer Product Safety Commission strongly recommend the use of smoke alarms and further recommend that users follow the manufacturer's instructions and test smoke alarms frequently, regardless of brand, to ensure proper operation.

Consumers wishing further information may call the CPSC toll-free Hotline at 800-638-CPSC. A teletypewriter number for the hearing impaired is (301) 595-7054.