Recalls: Television Tables or Stands

April 13, 2023 Luxor Workspaces Recalls Audiovisual Carts Due to Serious Tip-Over Hazard; Three Deaths Reported

This recall involves three cart base models: WT42 "Tuffy" plastic cart; W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 metal cart; and LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ plastic cart. The WT42 "Tuffy" is a 3-shelf plastic cart sold under the brand name H. Wilson "Tuffy" in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the "WT42" prefix in the item number. The carts have a plastic handle with a logo that reads "the Tuffy" in the center. The W42/AVJ42/SS-AVJ42 cart is 3-shelf adjustable height metal cart. It is also sold under the model number AVJ42 with either a Luxor or H. Wilson logo on the front center of the top shelf, and under the model number SS-AVJ42 with a LineLeader logo on the front center of the top shelf. It is sold in a variety of colors with different color suffixes after the "W42" or "AVJ42" prefixes in the item number. The LP-DUO/TPDUOEQ cart is a 3-shelf adjustable height plastic cart with a push handle on the top shelf. The Luxor logo is stamped on the center of the handle and is a black/dark gray color. Please see below for a chart containing a list of recalled cart models. AV42 LP42LPE-B WT42BUE-B/WTD WT42ORE-N/WTD WTPS42BYME-N AV42B LPDUO-B WT42BUE-N WT42OW WTPS42E-B AVJ42 LPDUOBW-B WT42BUE-N/WTD WT42OW-B WTPS42E-N AVJ42-BY LPDUOE-B WT42BUE/WTD WT42OWBE WTPS42E-P AVJ42-CH LPDUOEBW-B WT42BUNH-B WT42OWE WTPS42G-N AVJ42-GN LPDUOENL-B WT42BY WT42OWE-B WTPS42GE AVJ42-OW LPLDUO-B WT42BY-B WT42P WTPS42GE-B AVJ42-P LPLDUOE-B WT42BY-N WT42P-B WTPS42GE-N AVJ42-RB SS-AVJ42 WT42BYBE WT42P-N WTPS42GYE AVJ42-RD SS-AVJ42-LKB WT42BYE WT42PB WTPS42GYE-B AVJ42-T SS-AVJ42-LKBDL WT42BYE-B WT42PE WTPS42GYE-N AVJ42-U SS-AVJ42KB WT42BYE-B/WTD WT42PE-B WTPS42GYME-B AVJ42-YW SS-AVJ42KB+EPS WT42BYE-N WT42PE-B/WTD WTPS42GYME-N AVJ42-Z SS-AVJ42KB+LAP WT42BYE-N/WTD WT42PE-N WTPS42HG-N AVJ42/C5I SS-AVJ42KB+MM1G WT42BYE/WTD WT42PE-N/WTD WTPS42HGE AVJ42B SS-AVJ42KB+MM2C WT42BYME-N/WTD WT42PE/WTD WTPS42HGE-N AVJ42B-GN SS-AVJ42KB2 WT42BYME/WTD WT42R WTPS42ME-B AVJ42B-RB SS-AVJ42KBDL WT42E WT42R-B WTPS42ME-N AVJ42B-RD SUDMC-42-BK WT42E-B/WTD WT42R-B/WTD WTPS42ORE-B AVJ42B-YW SUDMC-42-RB WT42E-N WT42R-N WTPS42OWE AVJ42BKBDL SUDMC-42-RD WT42E-N/WTD WT42RBE WTPS42OWE-B AVJ42DL SUDMC-42-YW WT42E-P WT42RE WTPS42OWME-B AVJ42DL-RB SUDMC-42DL-BK WT42E-P/WTD WT42RE-B WTPS42P-B AVJ42DL-RD SUDMC-42KB-BK WT42G WT42RE-B/WTD WTPS42PE AVJ42DL-YW SUDMC-42KB-RB WT42G-B WT42RE-N WTPS42PE-B AVJ42KB SUDMC-42KB-RD WT42G-N WT42RNH-B WTPS42PE-N AVJ42KB-BY SUDMC-42KB-YW WT42GBE WT42S WTPS42PME AVJ42KB-CH SUDMC-42KBDL-BK WT42GE WT42TN WTPS42PME-B AVJ42KB-GN SUDMC-42KBDL-RB WT42GE-B WT42TN-B WTPS42PME-N AVJ42KB-LG W42A WT42GE-B/WTD WT42TN-B/WTD WTPS42R-B AVJ42KB-OW W42ABU WT42GE-N WT42TNE WTPS42RE-B AVJ42KB-P W42ABUE WT42GME-B/WTD WT42TNE-B WTPS42RE-N AVJ42KB-RB W42ABUEKB WT42GY WT42TNE-N WTPS42RME-B AVJ42KB-RB/WFSB W42ABUEKBDL WT42GY-B WT42Y WTPS42RME-N AVJ42KB-RD W42ABYEKB WT42GY-B/WTD WT42Y-B WTPS42YE-B AVJ42KB-RD/WFSB W42AE WT42GY-N WT42Y-B/WTD WTPS42YME-N AVJ42KB-T W42AEKB WT42GYBE WT42Y-N WTPS42Z-N AVJ42KB-WH W42AEKBDL WT42GYE WT42YE WTPS42ZE AVJ42KB-WH+2MM W42AG WT42GYE-B WT42YE-B WTPS42ZE-B AVJ42KB-WH+MLAP W42AGE WT42GYE-B/WTD WT42YE-N WTPS42ZE-N AVJ42KB-YW W42AGEKB WT42GYE-N WT42YE/WTD WTPS42ZME AVJ42KB-Z W42AKB WT42GYE-N/WTD WT42Z WTPS42ZME-B AVJ42KB/WFSB W42AR WT42GYE/WTD WT42Z-B WTPS42ZME-N AVJ42KBDL W42ARE WT42GYME-N/WTD WT42Z-B/WTD WTPSLP42BYE-B AVJ42KBDL-BY W42AREKB WT42HG WT42Z-N WTPSLP42BYE-N AVJ42KBDL-GN W42AREKBDL WT42HG-B WT42ZE WTPSLP42E-B AVJ42KBDL-LG W42AY WT42HG-N WT42ZE-B WTPSLP42E-N AVJ42KBDL-RB W42AYE WT42HGE WT42ZE-B/WTD WTPSLP42GE-N AVJ42KBDL-RB/M W42AYEKB WT42HGE-B WT42ZE-N WTPSLP42GYE AVJ42KBDL-RD W42E WT42HGE-B/WTD WT42ZE-N/WTD WTPSLP42PE AVJ42KBDL-YW WT42 WT42HGE-N WT42ZME-B/WTD WTPSLP42PE-B AVJ42KBDL/WFSB WT42-B/WTD WT42ME WT42ZME/WTD WTPSLP42PE-N AVJ42KBN WT42-N WT42ME-B/WTD WTPS42-B WTPSLP42RE-N AVJ42N WT42-P WT42ME-N/WTD WTPS42-BASE WTPSLP42ZE AVJ42N-BY WT42-P/WTD WT42ME-P/WTD WTPS42-N WTPSLP42ZE-B AVJ42N-GN WT42/WTD WT42NH WTPS42-P WTPSLP42ZE-N AVJ42N-OW WT42B WT42NHR-B WTPS42BU-N WTPSP42-B AVJ42N-RB WT42BE WT42OR WTPS42BUE WTPSP42BUE LP42-B WT42BU WT42OR-B WTPS42BUE-B WTPSP42BUE-N LP42BW-B WT42BU-B WT42OR-B/WTD WTPS42BUE-N WTPSP42E-B LP42E-B WT42BU-B/WTD WT42OR-N WTPS42BUME-N WTPSP42E-N LP42EBW-B WT42BU-N WT42ORE WTPS42BY-B WTPSP42E-P LP42LE-B WT42BUBE WT42ORE-B WTPS42BY-N WTPSP42ZE LP42LE-B-FLUTE WT42BUE WT42ORE-B/WTD WTPS42BYE-B WTPSP42ZE-B LP42LP-B WT42BUE-B WT42ORE-N WTPS42BYE-N WTPSP42ZE-N Read more.

January 12, 2023 LG Electronics Recalls Free-Standing 86-Inch Smart Televisions and Stands Due to Serious Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards (Recall Alert)

This recall involves four LG Electronics 86-inch smart TV models with model numbers 86UQ8000AUB, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD, and 86NANO75UQA. The TVs (not including the stands) are 86 inches diagonally, 43.5 inches high, 76 inches wide, and 2.4 inches deep. They weigh approximately 100 pounds. The serial number of the recalled product begins with 202RM, 203RM, 204RM, 205RM, 206RM, 207RM, or 208RM and is located at the bottom right of the back of the TV, along with the model number. Consumers can also check the serial number by pressing the mute button, three times rapidly, on the original LG remote control provided with their TV. Read more.

May 9, 2019 Havertys Recalls Entertainment Hutches Due to Injury Hazard

This recall involves the Beckley Entertainment Hutch sold by Havertys in a weathered charcoal finish or a dovetail gray finish. The hutch can house an 80 inch TV in the center. There is an open shelf above and drawers underneath the center space. The hutch is about 69 inches wide, 56 inches tall, and has a label with the SKU on the back. The SKU for the Weathered Charcoal Finish is 0-4000-3197 and the Dovetail Grey Finish is 0-4000-3538. Read more.

September 24, 2008 TV Stands Recalled By Studio RTA Due to TV Tip-over Hazard

This recall involves four different TV stand models. Model numbers are printed on the packaging and instruction’s sheet. Read more.

July 17, 2008 Studio RTA Recalls TV Stands Due to TV Tip-over Hazard

This recall involves “Silhouette” TV stands with black or brushed silver and black frames and three glass shelves. Models included in the recall are 403650 (brushed silver and black) and 404191 (black). Model numbers are printed on the packaging and instruction sheet. Read more.

December 11, 2007 Sauder Woodworking Recalls TV Stands Due to TV Tip-over Hazard

The recalled TV Stand measures 23 inches (h) x 43 1/4 inches (w) x 17 1/2 inches (d) with a brushed maple finish. The stand has black, wrought-iron legs and a lower shelf with a pull-out drawer. The model number (402806) and UPC (0004266643392) are located on the product’s carton and instructions. The top shelf does not have a raised front edge. Read more.

November 20, 2003 Planet 3 Recall of Television Stands Sold at Circuit City

These are "Cherry Bentwood" model television stands. The three-tier stands are made from mahogany wood and have curved glass ends. They are 30 inches high and 45 inches wide, and sold for use with televisions up to 36 inches in diameter. Model number PTT 22018 is written on the packaging and instructions. There is no writing on the stands themselves. Read more.