Recall: Electric Worm Probe Recalled by Terrann

June 2, 1976  
Release # 76-035

Recall Of Electric Worm Probe Announced

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 2) - - Terrann Industries, Inc., producers of the "Baitcatcher," an electric worm probe, today announced in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that the company has suspended sale and is conducting a total recall of approximately 6,000 "Baitcatchers" sold since the commencement of marketing in 1975. The probe consists of a partially insulated metal rod and an on-off switch, attached to which is a plug and a cord. The worm probe uses electric current to bring worms to the surface. The recall is the result of an agreement between Terrann and the Consumer Product Safety Commission which states that the product may present a substantial risk of electric shock to users. Owners should discontinue use of the probe and promptly return it to the place of purchase or to Terrann Industries, Inc., 17204 McFadden, Tustin, California 92680.

The Company will modify the existing product model to incorporate additional safety features specified by the Commission.

John Schommer, Vice President and Marketing Director of Terrann, requested that individuals who have purchased the "Baitcatcher" return it to the distributor or retailer from whom they purchased the device, and indicated that they would receive either a refund of their purchase money or a receipt which can be exchanged for the safely modified "Model II Baitcatcher" which is expected to be in production within the next thirty to sixty days.

This agreement between Terrann and the Staff of the Consumer Product Safety Commission is for settlement purposes only, and does not constitute an admission that Terrann has violated any provisions or requirements of any of the laws administered by the Commission or any regulations promulgated pursuant to said laws.