Recalls: Booster Seats

October 23, 2012
ValcoBaby Booster Seats Recalled Due to Fall Hazard
The product is a booster toddler seat, both single and twin, designed to attach to Valco "Tri-Mode" and "Zee" strollers. Only booster seats with batch numbers 3111, 7819, 7822 and 7831 and model number TOD1058, TOD9109 and ZEE0649 are included in the recall. The batch and model numbers are printed on a label attached to the product frame. The seats have a black color fabric seat on white metal base frame.
June 15, 2011
Target Expands Recall of Child Booster Seats Following Additional Reports of Falls
The expanded recall involves all Circo Booster Seats, including those sold as early as 2005. The plastic booster seats are blue with green trim and a white plastic restraint buckle. They attach to an adult chair to boost a child to a table. “Circo” and “Booster Seat” can be found on a green label located in the front of the booster seat.
August 6, 2009
Target Recalls Circo Booster Seats Due to Fall Hazard
This recall involves Circo booster seats with manufacture date codes XJ0811, XJ0812, XJ0901, and XJ0902. The plastic booster seat is blue with green trim and has white straps. The manufacture date code is printed on the backside of the seat next to the consumer warning information. “Circo” can be found on a label located in the front of the seat.
October 10, 2001
Safety 1st Fold-Up Booster Seat Recall
June 5, 1995
3-In-1 Booster Seat Repair/Recall by First Years
May 3, 1993
Graduate Booster Seats Recalled by Kids II (formerly Pansy Ellen Products)
March 4, 1993
Kids II (formerly Pansy Ellen Products) Recalls Graduate Booster Seat