Recalls: Crib Bumpers

April 4, 2024 Zazaba International Recalls Grão de Gente Crib Bumpers Due to Suffocation Hazard; Violation of Federal Crib Bumper Ban; Sold Exclusively on

This recall involves padded crib bumpers sold within multi-piece crib bedding sets. The crib bumpers were sold with different printed fabrics, colors, and designs, including safari, astronaut, elephant, and balloon themes. The table below lists the SKU and product name of each crib bumper bedding set included in the recall. "Grão de gente" is printed on a tag sewn onto some of the pieces in each crib bedding set. SKU Product Name 137214 10-Piece Safari Baby Crib Bedding Set 122473 11-Piece Pink Little Elephant and the Balloon Crib Bedding Set 143140 13-Piece Astronaut Buddies Crib Bedding Set 121986 13-Piece Sweet Charm Crib Bedding Set 156410 6-Piece Blue Braided Starry Crib Bedding Set 168299 6-Piece Boho Rainbow Crib Bedding Set 140472 6-Piece Braided Blue Dreamer Elephant Crib Bedding Set 140733 6-Piece Gray and Yellow Sleepy Bear Braided Crib Bedding Set 156428 6-Piece Gray Braided Starry Crib Bedding Set 156101 6-Piece Pink Braided Starry Crib Bedding Set 140474 6-Piece Pink Dreamer Elephant Braided Crib Bedding Set 156099 6-Piece Pink Heart Braided Crib Bedding Set 154849 6-Piece Watercolor Safari Braided Crib Bedding Set 156411 6-Piece Yellow and Gray Braided Starry Crib Bedding Set 120924 7-Piece Classic Princess Crib Bedding Set 92952 7-Piece Classic White Crib Bedding Set 92958 7-Piece Royal Teddy Bear Crib Bedding Set 94200 7-Piece Straw Classic Teddy Bear Crib Bedding Set 163405 9-Piece Astronaut Wolf Crib Bedding Set 103875 9-Piece Blue Braided Polka Crib Bedding Set 96025 9-Piece Blue Luxury Knitted Crib Bedding Set 99818 9-Piece Classic Princess Crib Bedding Set 149576 9-Piece Gray Baby Elephant Braided Crib Bedding Set 138665 9-Piece Green Polka Braided Crib Bedding Set 114810 9-Piece Luxury White Knitted Crib Bedding Set 103880 9-Piece Navy Blue Chevron Braided Crib Bedding Set 104252 9-Piece Navy Blue Luxury Crib Bedding Set 138658 9-Piece Navy Blue Polka Braided Crib Bedding Set 82644 9-Piece Pink Angel Crib Bedding Set 103885 9-Piece Pink Braided Polka Crib Bedding Set 99701 9-Piece Pink Love Rain Crib Bedding Set 145125 9-Piece Pink Unicorn Braided Crib Bedding Set Read more.

November 2, 2023 Yoocaa Baby Loungers Recalled Due to Suffocation Risk and Fall and Entrapment Hazards; Fails to Meet Safety Requirements for Infant Sleep Products; Exclusively on by Yoocaa Direct

This recall involves baby loungers made of a cloth cover with a foam sleeping pad and padded bumper. The baby loungers were advertised as "baby lounger" and "baby nest" and were sold in different printed fabrics and colors, including animal, blue star, cloud, feather, flower, forest, leaf, pink star, polar bear and zoo. "SLEEPING SET" is printed on a tag sewn on the interior of the cover. The recall applies to products purchased on or after June 23, 2022, and consumers should review their Amazon purchase history to determine their purchase date. Consumers who still have the packaging can also review the packaging for a label that states the date of manufacture, marked in the format "LOT: YYYYMMDD." This recall applies to products manufactured with "LOT" markings on the packaging of 20220623 (representing June 23, 2022) or later dates. Read more.

March 9, 2023 Crib Bumpers Recalled Due to Violation of Federal Crib Bumper Ban; Suffocation Hazard; Sold by Meiling Hou (Recall Alert)

This recall involves NO1 and NO2 baby crib bumpers. The padded cotton bumpers measure 79 inches long by 12 inches tall and were sold in a clear zip bag. Crib bumpers NO1 are white and gray and have a cloud pattern. Crib bumpers NO2 are white. Read more.

May 10, 2018 Tobi Recalls Babynest Crib Bumpers Due to Strangulation Hazard; Sold Exclusively Online at (Recall Alert)

This recall involves Babynest crib bumpers used in Babybay bedside sleeper cribs that attach to adult size beds. The recalled bumpers measure 60 inches long by 9.5 inches wide and were sold in seven colors; yellow, brown, green, blue, pink, white, gray with white stars, white with gray stars, gray with white polka dots, white with gray polka dots and white with blue stars. SKU Description Recalled Babynest crib bumpers 167805 Yellow 167806 Brown 167807 Green 167808 Blue 167810 Pink 167811 White 167814 Gray w/ White Stars 167815 White w/ Gray Stars 167816 Gray w/ White Polka Dots 167817 White w/ Gray Polka Dots 167820 White with Blue Stars Read more.

May 29, 2013 Pottery Barn Kids Recalls Sweet Lambie Crib Bumpers Due to Entanglement Hazard

This recall involves Pottery Barn Kids Sweet Lambie Bumpers manufactured from April 2009 through July 2012. The cotton bumpers are padded and fit standard cribs. Lambs in grass and lambs with trees are embroidered on the interior and exterior of the bumpers. They were available in the colors pink, blue and ivory/oatmeal. Model number "708859," "708917" or "7988348" and "Sweet Lambie Bumper" appear on a tag fastened to the bottom edge of the bumpers. The date of manufacture in MM/YYYY format is printed on a tag attached to the bumper near the model number tag. Read more.