Recalls: Lights & Signs (Emergency & Exit)

August 9, 2011 Emergency Exit Signs Recalled by Best Lighting Products Due to Failure to Illuminate

The recalled exit signs have emergency lights fixed at either end with "EXIT" in red or green in the center. The fixtures are installed in commercial buildings, such as hotels and office buildings. Affected model numbers can be found on a label affixed inside the fixture housing and on the outside of the packaging, and include: LHQM LED G M6, LHQM LED R M6 and LHQM LED R HO M6. Affected models have the following date codes on the inside fixture housing: 1003S10, 1004S10 or 1005S10. Dates on the packaging carton include any calendar dates in March, April or May 2010. Read more.

August 12, 2008 Cooper Lighting Recalls Emergency and Exit Lights; Could Fail to Stay Illuminated in an Emergency

The recalled emergency and exit lights are installed in commercial buildings such as hotels and office buildings. The recall includes the following model numbers, which are written on the inside of the removable front cover. Read more.