Recalls: Safety/Emergency Tool Kits

August 30, 2007 B&F System Inc. Recalls Emergency Tool Kits Due to Fire and Shock Hazards

The recalled emergency tool kits have booster cables in combination with other tools and safety equipment. The recall includes the following models: Read more.

January 24, 2006 L.L. Bean Recall of Safety Kits

Each kit contains a variety of safety equipment including a "Forever Flashlight," which does not use batteries. Shaking the flashlight for 30 seconds provides about 5 minutes of light. The Outdoorsman in a Bottle kit contains a compass. Other items which could be included in the kits include gloves, a blanket, emergency vest, a water bottle, a rain poncho and a knife. L.L. Bean is written on the bottle or blanket with these kits. Read more.