Recalls: Squeeze or Squeaker Toys

October 11, 1988 K Mart Recalls Squeeze Toys & Telephone Rattles

October 11, 1988 Release # 88-083 K Mart Recalls Squeeze Toys and Telephone Rattles WASHINGTON, D.C.-- K Mart Corporation of Troy, Michigan, is voluntarily recalling an estimated 81,000 "Baby's First Squeeze Toys" and an estimated 75, 000 "Baby's First Playball" squeeze toys, which sold for less than $1.00 at K Mart stores since November 1987 and also an estimated 33,000 plastic "Telephone Receiver Rattles" which sold for less than $2 stores since December, 1987.Consumers should immediately take the squeeze toys and rattles away from infants and return them to any K Mart store for a full refund of the purchase price. The squeakers in the squeeze toys may come out and could present a potential choking hazard to children under three years of age. The "Baby's First Squeeze Toys" came in three shapes: a telephone receiver, a barbell, and a dumbbell. The package was labeled "Baby's First Squeeze Toys", product code "#28-17-93." The playball squeeze toys came in the form of a baseball, a basketball, and a soccer ball. The package was labeled "Baby's First Playball," product code "#28-17-96."The rattles are shaped like a telephone receiver. They may break and produce plastic pieces and beads, which could present a choking hazard and may cut infants. The package was labeled "Plastic Telephone Receiver Rattle," product code "#28-17-86."U.S. Customs Service and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission identified the rattles and squeeze toys during their joint surveillance program at the ports of Charleston, Dallas and Savannah Read more.

July 14, 1988 Importer Recalls Water Toys; Toy Snake

July 14, 1988 Release # 88-051 Importer Recalls Water Toys; Toy Snake WASHINGTON, DC - Beachcombers International Inc. of Fort Myers, Florida is voluntarily recalling water toys and a squeaking toy snake because they may pose choking and lead poisoning hazards to young children. The imported toys recalled by Beachcombers International are: - "Big Mouth Fish, Hippo, and Frog," plastic wind-up water toys labeled "MASUDAYA 1976 Made in Hong Kong;" some 8,000 toys were sold nationally for about $2 each. - "Devil Fish," an eight-inch wind-up toy in the shape of a fish which was imported from Hong Kong and sold for $2 in New Jersey and Virginia. - "Lively Squeaking Snake," a plastic cobra snake some 21 inches long from China which sold nationally for $1. Consumers should immediately take the toys away from children and return them to the retail store for a refund of the purchase price. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said both water toys have small parts, which may present a choking hazard to young children; the toy snake contains an excessive amount of lead in the surface coating. The violations were discovered by U.S. Customs' agents and CPSC inspectors during routine import surveillance at the Port of Miami. Consumers desiring additional information may call Beachcombers International at 1-813-731-2111 Read more.