Recalls: Toy Guns

September 27, 2012
Captain Cutlass Pirate Toy Guns Recalled by Dillon Importing Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard
This recall involves Captain Cutlass Pirate Pistol toys with a brown plastic grip, a black metallic stock and barrel, and a muzzle with an orange cap. The double-barreled toy pistol has one trigger and two hammers. A skull and crossbones motif is engraved on the grip.
May 17, 2010
Children's Deaths Prompt Recall of Toy Dart Gun Sets Sold Exclusively at Family Dollar Stores
February 3, 2010
Dollar General Recalls Toy Guns Due to Choking Hazard
This recall includes a Special Forces Weapons and Accessories Set and a SWAT Police Play Equipment Set. Each set includes two toy guns and related accessories. The number 48JQH09 is printed on the right side of the larger gun included in the recalled sets.
October 9, 2008
Hasbro Inc. Recalls to Repair Nerf Blasters; Child's Skin Can Get Caught in Plunger of the Toy
This recall involves the Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Blasters for children age 6 and up. The toy blaster is yellow with a black handle and orange plunger, trigger, and reload clip. The word “NERF” in black lettering is on both sides of the blaster and the word “ARMED” is indented on the orange plunger. “RECON CS-6” is on the gray cocking mechanism. There are five interchangeable parts including the shoulder stock, the flip-up sight, barrel extension, quick re-load clip and dual-mode light beam. Model number 63552 and UPC codes 653569272021 and 653569311218 can be found on the packaging. Only blasters with an exposed orange plunger are included in this recall.
October 2, 1991
Nationmark Inc. Recalls 8 Shot Cap Guns
December 1, 1989
Daisy Ring Caps Recalled
October 26, 1979
Blow-Gun Toys Recalled by Western
August 9, 1979
Toy Cork Rifles Recalled by F.J. Strauss
June 29, 1979
Plastic Ring Caps For Toy Guns Recalled by Acme Specialties
February 5, 1979
Toy Cork Gun Recalled by Eagle Family Discount Stores