Recalls: Toy Sports

May 10, 2005
Fisher-Price Recall of Pogo Sticks
The recalled Grow-To-Pro® Pogo sticks are traditional pogo sticks with a round, removable base, two foot pegs and handles and the words "Grow to Pro Pogo" stamped on the front of the product. They come in two colors: green (model number 73386) and pink (model number 77356). The model number can be found underneath the pogo stick's foot pegs. This recall includes green pogo sticks manufactured through August 1, 2004, and all pink pogo sticks. Green pogo sticks manufactured after August 1, 2004, are not included in this recall and are marked with a round, green sticker underneath the foot peg. Pink pogo sticks are no longer manufactured.
January 30, 2004
Hasbro Inc. Recall of NERF® Big Play Football™
May 10, 2001
Basketball Sets Recalled by Fisher-Price
December 1, 1999
Recall to Replace Toy and Youth Basketball Nets
December 22, 1998
Toy Basketball Nets Recalled by Little Tikes, Today's Kids & Fisher-Price
December 13, 1995
Basketball Net Recalled by Come Play Products
July 7, 1995
Baseball Training Toy Recall/Repair by Fisher-Price
April 22, 1994
"Thunderbat" Noisemaker Plastic Bats Recalled by Processed Plastic
April 8, 1993
Sportcraft And Wilson Batting Tee Games Recalled
July 1, 1992
Aviva Sports, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Sound Swing Bat