Recalls: Toys for Bathtub

March 6, 2012
Recalled Products Originally Sold By Meijer Found to Have Been Resold By Discounters After Recall Date
October 18, 2010
Bathtub Toys Recalled by Munchkin Due to Risk of Injury
This recall involves battery-operated bathtub submarine toys. The toy is yellow, has a smiling face, turquoise windows, an orange propeller and an orange periscope that turns the toy on and off. The intake valve has a water pump that sucks in water to propel the submarine. The toy is intended for use by children during bath time.
September 27, 2006
Suave Kids Bath Sets Sold at Wal-Mart Recalled for Choking, Other Hazards
This recall involves "Suave" brand bath sets that contain a 2-in-1 shampoo, bath sponge, and various other toy animal and character bath products. The baths sets are packaged in brightly colored vinyl bags with a clear window. Style numbers involved in this recall are: SVK 9498, 9499, 9501, 9506, 9507 and 9508. The style numbers are located on the back and/or bottom right corner of the package, above the UPC code.
December 28, 2000
Bath Toys Voluntary Recalled to Remove Squirting Fish
August 27, 1999
Activity Trays and Bath Sets Recall by Graco
June 11, 1992
Kiddy Phone Wind-Up and Tub Pets Toy Recalled by Toy Power
December 19, 1991
Water Toys Recalled
March 29, 1990
Press'n Roll Boat Recalled by Toys "R" Us
November 2, 1989
Puzzles, Toy Animals And Rattles Recalled By Kaybee Toy & Hobby Stores
June 29, 1989
"Seamore The Action Seahorse" Bath Rings Retrofit by Century