Recalls: Building Materials and Home Structures

May 11, 2005 Midwest Folding Products Recall to Repair Optional Guard Rails on Standing Choral Risers

The product is a guard rail that attaches to the top level of a standing choral riser set with three tiered levels of horizontal platforms on which individuals stand. The recall includes Optional Guard Rails (model numbers GRU30, 36 and 48) installed on Standing Choral Risers (model numbers TRP3C and SRP3C). Risers without guard rails are not included in this recall. Read more.

February 24, 1998 CPSC, Goodman Announce Recall to Replace HTPV Pipes

Company Phone Number: (800) 394-8084 February 24, 1998 Release # 98-073 WASHINGTON, D.C. - Since August 1996, Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P., of Houston, Texas, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has been conducting a program to replace high-temperature plastic vent (HTPV) pipe used to vent about 8,000 Goodman mid-efficiency gas furnaces. The HTPV pipe used in these vents could be susceptible to corrosion, cracking and joint separation, which could result in the release of carbon monoxide into living areas, presenting a deadly threat to consumers. Although Goodman did not manufacture HTPV pipe, some models of Goodman furnaces were vented using HTPV material produced by other companies. Goodman voluntarily undertook its replacement program to help ensure the safety and comfort of its gas-appliance customers and has already replaced many HTPV systems.For each Goodman furnace that is horizontally vented with HTPV pipe, Goodman will continue to arrange for replacement of the vent with a new, approved vent at no charge. Alternatively at the homeowner's option, Goodman will continue to replace the entire furnace and vent with a brand new, high-efficiency Goodman furnace and suitable vent for only the manufacturer's price for the new furnace itself, with no charge for labor, associated materials or dealer markup.Owners of Goodman furnaces that are vented with HTPV pipe should contact their local heating contractor for more information or call Goodman at (800) 394-8084.A related recall has also been issued Read more.