Recalls: Gas/Propane Connectors/Regulators/Hoses

April 24, 2008
Fisher Controls International Recalls Gas Regulators for Leak Hazard
The recalled gas regulators were manufactured from June 2006 through January 2008 and installed on LP-gas supply systems in homes and small commercial buildings (see photo below). The recall involves model R622H LP-gas regulators with type numbers in the table below:
March 4, 2008
LDR Industries Recalls Gas Connectors Due to Fire and Explosion Hazards
The recalled LDR series 1200 gas connectors have 3/8 inch fine thread nuts attached. The connectors are used primarily with gas space heaters. The brass nuts are gold colored while the stainless steel tube is silver colored. The following connectors are included in this recall. The UPC code and “LDR 1200 Series Gas Connector” are printed on the product’s packaging.
August 15, 2002
Safety Relief Valves for Large Propane Tanks Recalled by Cavagna North America Inc.
March 21, 2001
Hurricane Products Propane Regulator Recall
June 20, 1996
Gas Hose Recalled by Ruiz & Mele
May 26, 1992
Parker Hannifin Corp. Recalls 1/4-Inch Gas Hoses
July 22, 1986
Gasoline Hose Swivel Connectors Recalled by Dover/OPW
September 6, 1984
LP-Gas Regulator Recalled By RegO
May 18, 1984
A-L Series Unitrols Recalled by Robertshaw
May 16, 1984
LP Valves Recalled by Robertshaw