Recalls: Bicycles and Bicycle Accessories

October 28, 2015 Burley Design Recalls Child Bicycle Trailers Due to Injury Risk

This recall involves seven models of Burley Design child bicycle trailers manufactured from 2009 to 2015. The trailers allow cyclists to tow children behind their bicycles while riding. The trailers are connected to the bicycle by a tow bar, which attaches to the rear axle of the bicycle on one end and to a tow bar receiver on the trailer at the other end. The tow bar receiver is on the front left side of the trailer as it faces the rear wheel of the bicycle. Recalled trailers have a black plastic tow bar receiver with an integrated wheel guard. Recalled trailers can be identified by the first four characters of the serial numbers on the trailer. The serial number is on a sticker in the rear cargo area behind the seat of the trailer on the left inside frame bar. The following seven trailer models and serial numbers are being recalled: Model Serial Numbers Cub K943 Rental Cub K943 D'Lite and D'Lite ST D948 and K948 Encore K942 Solo and Solo ST D939, K939 and KK939 Trailers with aluminum tow bar receivers are not included in the recall. Read more.

September 29, 2015 Thirteen Manufacturers, Distributors Recall Bicycles with Front Disc Brakes to Replace Quick Release Lever Due to Crash Hazard

This recall involves bicycles equipped with front disc brakes and a black or silver quick-release (QR) lever on the front wheel hub. Bicycles that do not have disc brakes are not included in this recall. When the front QR is fully opened, if there is less than 6 mm -- or the width of a #2 pencil -- between the QR and disk brake rotor on the wheel, the bicycle is included in this recall. A video showing how to determine if a bike is included in this recall is available at The recalled bicycles include the following companies, brands and model years: Company Brand Model Year(s) Web Page Phone Number Accell North America Diamondback, Raleigh 2004-2015 800-251-8435 800-251-8435 Advanced Sports International Breezer, Fuji, SE 2005-2015 888-286-6263 Cycling Sports Group Inc. Cannondale, GT 1998-2015 800-245-3872 800-843-2453 Felt Racing LLC Felt 2006-2015 866-433-5887 G. Joannou Cycle Co. Inc. Jamis 2005-2015 800-533-9010, ext. 237 Giant Bicycle Inc. Giant 2003-2004 866-458-2555 Haro Bikes Haro 2000-2015 800-289-4276 LTP Sports Group Inc. Norco 2000-2015 800-263-2344 (Eastern US and Canada) 800-663-8916 (Western U.S. and Canada) Performance Bicycle Inc. Access 2009-2015 800-727-2453 Quality Bicycle Products Civia Cycles 2008-2012 877-311-7686 Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) Novara 2002-2015 800-426-4840 Ridley Bikes Ridley 2014-2015 877-283-7545 Specialized Bicycle Components Inc. Specialized 2002-2015 800-722-4423 Read more.

September 24, 2015 Wishbone Design Recalls Recycled Edition Bikes Due to Injury Hazard

The Wishbone Recycled (RE) Bikes are made from recycled black plastic materials with 12-inch, air-filled white rubber tires. The adjustable seat height ranges from 9 to 20 inches. The bikes weigh about 10 pounds. The two recalled bikes include one 3-in-1 model, which is adjustable as a 3-wheeler or 2-wheeler with a high seat or low seat; and one 2-wheeler model, which is adjustable with a high or low seat. The date codes for production appear in a round dial on the front frame of the bikes under the seat. Date codes are either December 2013 or May 2014. The year appears in the center of the dial and the arrow points to the month. There is also a Wishbone logo embossed on each bike fork. Read more.

September 3, 2015 Cycling Sports Group Recalls Cannondale Mountain Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard

This recall involves all model year 2011 through 2015 Flash, FSi , F-4, F-5, F-29, Lexi, RZ, Scalpel and Trigger Cannondale mountain bicycles, with OPI stem/steering tube assemblies "OPI" is printed diagonally across the stem/steering tube in black letters. Read more.

August 27, 2015 Huffy Recalls Bicycles with Front Disc Brakes to Replace Quick Release Lever Due to Crash Hazard

The recalled products are all model year 2014 Huffy TR 745 and TR-S 740 bicycles with 27.5-inch wheels. "Huffy" is on the downtube of the frame of both bicycles and model name TR 745 or TR-S 740 is on the rear portion of the frame. The TR 745 has a green frame with model number 26504M on the bottom of the frame near the pedals. The TR-S 740 has a white frame and model number 26604M on the bottom of the frame near the pedals. Bicycles that have a green dot on the inside of the quick release lever are not included in this recall. Read more.

August 26, 2015 Trek Recalls Superfly Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard; Seatpost Can Crack and Break

This recall involves model year 2015 Trek 9.8 Superfly FS SL, X1 and XT bicycles equipped with Bontrager Approved Carbon seatposts. Recalled bicycles have a serial number ending in J or K. The serial number is located on the bottom of the bicycle frame. Superfly FS, X1 or XT is printed on the bicycle's top tube. Trek is printed on the frame downtube. "Bontrager Carbon" is printed on the seatpost. Read more.

August 11, 2015 Breezer Recalls Downtown Bicycles Due to Crash Hazard; Pedals Can Come Off

This recall involves Breezer Bicycles models Downtown 3, Downtown 3-ST, Downtown 8, Downtown 8-ST, Downtown EX and Downtown EX-ST. The main frame is made of steel and has either a single or dual water bottle mount, and the wheel sets are aluminum. The bicycles come in eight different sizes and a variety of gloss colors, including candy apple, chartreuse, chocolate, dark blue, dark green, shale and slate. The model is printed on the top tube of the bicycle. Read more.

July 15, 2015 Pedal Axle Extenders Recalled by Specialized Bicycle

This recall involves Specialized Body Geometry Pedal Axle Extenders that are used to extend the outward reach of the pedals. They are sold in pairs and mount directly into the bicycle crank arms. Pedal extenders are made of stainless steel and fit a 9/16 inch pedal thread. They are labeled with an "L" and an "R". Read more.

July 9, 2015 Öhlins Front Forks for Motocross Bikes Recalled by Öhlins USA Due to Crash Hazard (Recall Alert)

This recall involves Öhlins RXF 48 mm front bike forks for motocross bikes. The fork legs are yellow with a large white "Ö" and a small "TTX" on the front. The fork legs measure about 37 inches long. The following product and batch numbers are included in this recall and stamped on the silver-colored front fork bottom piece. Product Number Batch Number FGKT 1586 309632 FGHO 1596 309640 FGKT 1596 309628 FGKT 1596 138461 Read more.

June 24, 2015 Bicycles with SR Suntour Bicycle Forks Recalled by SR Suntour Due to Crash Hazard

This recall involves Cannondale, Diamondback, Giant, GT, INA International, Nishiki, Schwinn, Scott and Trek brand bicycles with SR Suntour bicycle forks models M3010, M3020, M3030, NEX and XCT. The recalled forks have serial numbers in the top row beginning with "K" and ending with a number between 141101 and150127. The fork model and serial numbers are located on the back of the fork's crown. The serial number is the first row. The model number is in the second row. "SR Suntour" is printed on stickers on both sides of the fork legs. A detailed list of the specific model numbers included in the recall is on the firm's website. Read more.