Recalls: Carpets/Rugs

July 23, 2004
Classic Concepts and Pottery Barn Recall of Flammable Rugs
May 6, 2004
Shaw Industries Announce Recall of Flammable Carpet
The recalled wall-to-wall carpet was manufactured in two different styles called "Moon Shadow" and "Chic to Chic," both of which are 100% nylon fluffy shag. These two manufacturing styles were labeled for various carpet dealers and were sold under the following style names and colors:
September 3, 1997
Flammable Rugs Recall by Achim Importing
July 12, 1976
Genuine Carpet & Rug Stops Sale Carpets & Rugs
April 29, 1976
Vincent Castelli Stops Sale Carpets
April 22, 1976
Galaxy Carpet Mills Stops Sale Carpets/Rugs
March 3, 1976
Continental Stops Sale Carpets
February 12, 1976
Venture Stops Sale Carpets & Rugs
February 5, 1976
General Felt Stops Sale Carpets
February 5, 1976
Jorges Carpet Mills Stops Sale Carpets