Recall: Electric Heaters Recalled by Titan

February 11, 1980  
Release # 80-004

Faulty Portable Electric Heaters Recalled

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 11) -- Approximately 1,000 heavy-duty, model 267C, portable electric heaters which may pose a shock hazard to consumers are being recalled by their manufacturer, the Titan Sales Corporation, of Kansas City, Missouri.

The recall is being conducted voluntarily in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Some of the heaters were improperly wired during manufacture, allowing the heaters' metal casing to become electrified. No injuries have been reported to the manufacturer or the Commission. Consumers should return the heaters to the place of purchase for free replacement or repair.

Intended for use in homes, classrooms and workshops, the heaters were manufactured with a baked enamel finish of tan and brown. The company name "Titan" appears above the control knob on the front of the heaters, and model number 267C is displayed on the back.

The 220-240 volt heaters were manufactured in July, 1979, and distributed from July through early November, 1979. They were sold nationwide in hardware stores and other retail outlets for approximately $88.95. The firm successfully has recalled from distributors approximately 70 % of the 3,800 potentially defective heaters it produced.

The faulty units bear the following manufacturing date codes on a label on the bottom:

267-904-716 267-904-717 267-904-718 267-904-719 267-904-727
267-904-720 267-904-723 267-904-724 267-904-725 267-904-726