Recall: Electric Space Heaters Recalled by Patton

March 12, 1985  
Release # 85-011

Reminder Of Voluntary Recall Of Electric Space Heaters

Washington, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Patton Electric Company, New Haven, Indiana, today issued a reminder to the public of its voluntary recall, originally announced in April 1984, of a particular discontinued model of a "Patton" and "Sears" brand portable electric space heater because of a possible fire hazard. The firm is issuing this reminder because approximately 50,000 of the discontinued heaters may still be in consumer use.

The CPSC has investigated over sixty incidents of fire in houses where these heaters were being used. Patton halted distribution of the heaters after reports of a possible fire hazard. In March 1984, Patton notified all retail outlets which sold the heaters to remove them from sale.

The recalled electric heaters are small portable plastic models and have a "slide-type" control switch on the top. Consumers may identify the recalled units by looking at the bottom label of their heater for either Patton Model HF-10 or Sears Model 201-7208 and the words "Made in Hong-Kong." Only the above two models were involved in the recall.

Consumers who may still have these heaters in their possession are urged to stop using them and to unplug them from electrical outlets. Owners should call Patton at l-800-528-6600 ext. 1722 (Arizona: l-800-352-0458 ext. 1722; Alaska l-800-528-0470 ext. 1722) to verify that their heater is one of the recalled models and to obtain instructions for returning the heater to Patton for replacement at no cost.

The heaters were sold nationwide between August 1983 and March 1984 in large chain stores including Sears, as well as in small retail outlets. The units were sold for under $30.00.

The company believes the potential fire hazard is related to the sliding type switch assembly and not the heater itself. This switch, which utilizes a diode, was installed only in the recalled heater models. These are also the only heaters manufactured in Hong Kong for Patton. All other Patton models are manufactured by Patton in the U.S. and have proven rotary dial temperature controls.

Under the recall program, Patton Electric will replace all suspect model heaters with a new domestically manufactured unit. The replacement as well as all transportation charges will be at no cost to the consumer.