Recall: Delonghi Voluntarily To Replace Control Panels On Oil-Filled Electric Heaters



August 15, 1991

(301) 504-7908

Release # 91-108


Delonghi Voluntarily To Replace Control Panels On Oil-Filled Electric Heaters

WASHINGTON, DC -- Delonghi is providing free replacement control panels for oil-filled radiator-type electric heaters manufactured by DeLonghi S.p.A. from 1980 through 1988. DeLonghi is taking this action to correct what the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) considers to be potential fire hazards in some of the electric controls.

This replacement program by DeLonghi is being undertaken in cooperation with the CPSC after reports of electrical failures within some control panels which the Commission believes could cause fires. The manufacturer does not believe any safety hazard exists with these products.

DeLonghi is offering, at no cost to owners of the units, the upgraded control panels, which incorporate improved components and design. The heaters are beige or tan and look like small radiators. These electric heaters bear a silver sticker on the underside of the metal box holding the controls. Stickers beginning with the digits "80" through "88" identify units whose control panels are being upgraded.

A small number of heaters were sold under the Sears and Welbilt brand names. Those heaters bear the code number of "816F" next to the Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) label on the side of the metal control box.

The new control panel brings even the oldest DeLonghi heaters up to the most recent UL standards, and upgrades all heaters to current levels of quality and safety. DeLonghi states that the replacement will extend the life of the heater.

The CPSC urges all owners of the heaters manufactured from 1980 through 1988 to participate in the program as soon as possible by calling 1-800-322-3848 to arrange for replacement of the control panel.