Recall: Hot Tub Suction Drain Fittings Recalled by Hydro Air

May 28, 1982  
Release # 82-023

Recall Of Hot Tub, Spa, Whirlpool Suction Drain Fitting Because Of Hair Entrapment

WASHINGTON, D.C. --The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Hydro Air Industries Inc., Orange, California, today announced a voluntary recall of approximately 125,000 suction drain cover fittings for spas, hot tubs and whirlpools because of the danger of hair entrapment.

Three incidents have occurred when pre-teenage girls put their heads under water and their long hair became entangled in the suction drain cover fitting. Two incidents resulted in death by drowning, and in one incident the victim was pulled free.

Water is drawn from the spa through 3-5/8 inch plastic suction fitting or drain covers located on the wall of the spa l-3 inches from the bottom. A powerful strong suction exists at the water outlet suction fitting or drain cover when the high speed whirlpool suction is turned on.

The Hydro Air suction drain cover fittings can be identified by the three slots on the face of the fitting cover. The middle slot measures 3/16 inches by l-1/2 inches and the two slots on either side measures 3/16 inches by l-1/4.

These suction/drain cover fittings have been sold nationwide since 1979. Most sales occurred within California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

Consumers should immediately stop using their hot tubs, spas and whirlpools. They should contact the company responsible for the installation, or Hydro Air Industries, Inc. (1317 W. Grove, Orange, CA 92665, Telephone: 714-974-1920, call collect), to determine whether their unit has a defective suction/drain cover and to make arrangements for a free replacement.

Hydro Air