Recall: Whirlpool Bath Suction Covers Recalled by HydraBaths

Note: Phone number change.



Originally issued August 24, 1994; Revised September 3, 2003

(301) 504-7908

Release # 94-120


Hair Entrapment Danger In Whirlpool Bath Suction Covers

Washington, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), HydraBaths Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif., is voluntarily recalling its model 20313X, 2031XX, and 203 whirlpool bath suction covers. These covers were manufactured prior to implementation of voluntary industry standards in 1985. HydraBaths estimates that there are about 40,000 whirlpool baths in use that have these suction covers.

Whirlpool baths typically have one or two suction openings to draw in and circulate water. Each suction opening should have a cover designed to protect against entrapment of the bather's body parts and hair due to high suction forces. The recalled suction covers, which were not designed with such protection, may entangle a bather's hair into the openings, causing the bather's head to be held under water, which can result in drowning.

To date, HydraBaths received two reports of hair entrapments. One entrapment resulted in a drowning death and the other was a near drowning.

The recalled round covers can be identified by holes that are slotted or square shaped and larger than 1/8 inch. There are no visible markings on the covers that tell which model they are. The recalled covers were sold nationally before 1985 (as a component on whirlpool baths) to bathtub manufacturers, plumbing wholesalers, and distributors.

HydraBaths suction covers distributed after 1985 are not involved in this recall and can be identified by the visible markings HB-8, SC-1, or SC-4 on the cover and by holes that are circular and 1/8 inch or smaller.

HydraBaths and CPSC advise consumers to stop using whirlpools with the recalled suction covers. HydraBaths will send you free replacement suction covers. Call them at (714) 556-9133 or write them at HydraBaths, Recall Department, 2100 S. Fairview, Santa Ana, CA 92704 for free replacement suction covers.

Consumers who are unsure if they have a recalled suction cover can call or write HydraBaths to help make that determination. Consumers who write should enclose a photo of their cover.