Recall: Electric Meter Boxes, Trouble Lights & Surge Protectors Recall

April 22, 1999 (301) 504-7058
Release # 99-100
CPSC, Firms Announce Recall of Electric Meter Boxes, Trouble Lights, Surge Protectors This press release consists of three recalls. Please choose the appropriate recall below.

  • Electric Meter Boxes - Square D Co., of Palatine, Ill., is recalling about 12,200 CSEDs, which are metal boxes mounted on the outside of homes and contain the electric meter and the main electrical breaker panel. When these CSEDs are installed and electrical power supplied, electrical arcing can occur, posing a risk of shock, electrocution and electric burn.

  • Trouble Lights - Primerica Enterprise, of Deer Park N.Y., is voluntarily recalling about 1,500 trouble lights. The lights have undersized wires, and other internal defects presenting fire, shock and electrocution hazards.

  • Power Strip Surge Protectors - Kingsland Tools Inc., of Bell, Calif., is voluntarily recalling about 3,900 power strip surge protectors. The power strips have cracked, corroded and loose wires, presenting fire, shock and electrocution hazards.