Recall: Potential Shock Hazard: Norelco Fabric Steamer Replacement Program



MAY 4, 1992

(301) 504-7908

Release # 92-080


Potential Shock Hazard: Norelco Fabric Steamer Replacement Program

PRODUCT: Certain Norelco Wrinkle Remover Fabric Steamers model TS-60, distributed to retailers after June 15, 1991.

PROBLEM: Insulation in the steamer's cord may have been damaged during packaging, leaving a small amount of wiring exposed. The exposed wiring presents a possible shock hazard.

WHAT TO DO: If your model TS-60's date code (stamped on the metal blade of the plug) begins with 241 through 281 and your cord is damaged, return steamer to retailer for a replacement or refund. For more information call 1-800-253-8000.

WASHINGTON, DC -- Norelco Consumer Products Company (Norelco), Stamford, CT, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced the voluntary replacement of certain fabric steamers sold to consumers beginning in July 1991. The steamer cord presents a possible shock hazard.

Affected are certain Norelco Fabric Steamers/Wrinkle Removers, Model TS-60, sold nationwide for approximately $17.00 to $22.00 each. Insulation on the product's cord may have been damaged during the packaging process, leaving a small amount of the wiring exposed. Norelco believes that only fabric steamers sold in blister packaging, not those sold in boxes, may have defective cords. In all, 56,880 steamers were distributed in blister packaging which may have this condition.

Consumers are asked to read the date code stamped on the outside of the metal blades of the electric plug. If the first three digits of the four-digit number are 241 through 281, consumers should examine their fabric steamer cords for tears exposing the wiring. If no tears are present, the steamer is safe to use. If tears are present, however, consumers should stop use immediately and return the steamer to the store where purchased for a free replacement or a full refund. Consumers may also return the units by mailing them to: Norelco Consumer Products Company, A Division of North American Phillips Corp., TS-60 Product Return Dept., 440 N. Medinah, Roselle, IL 60172.

Please return the steamer by UPS or insured parcel post. Consumers must specify whether they prefer a free replacement steamer or a full refund. All postage costs will be refunded. For additional information, consumers may call Norelco Consumer Affairs at 1-800-253-8000.