Recalls: Steamers

July 16, 2009
Steam Cleaners Recalled by Thane International Due to Shock and Burn Hazards
The H2O Mop is an electrically-powered appliance for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces that uses microfiber or disposable cloths on a cleaning head through which steam is dispersed. H2O Mops are white with a purple water tank with the “H20” and “M” symbol printed on the top of the cleaning head. The model numbers of affected units are 808.092 and OEM-TV-001. This recall only includes H2O Mops with the following reference numbers printed on the label on the back of the product: 200709198 to 200803148 or H20M1000 to M-H20M1198.
August 20, 2008
Steam Cleaners Recalled by Thane International Due to Burn Hazard
The recalled portable hand held steam cleaners are white and dark gray. “H20” and “M” are printed on the steam cleaners. Model number YQ3888 and the “produce code” are printed on a label on the underside of the units. This recall only includes steam cleaners with “produce codes” from 071025 through 080324.
July 6, 2004
Euroflex Americas Inc., and QVC Recall of Steam Cleaners
Euroflex Monster 55 – 1600 Watt Multisurface Steam Cleaner with Attachments. The steam cleaner has a red body and black cords and attachments. The word "monster" is written on the side of the steam cleaner.
March 9, 2004
Tristar Products Inc. Recall of Revised Design Steam Cleaner
The recalled steam cleaner is blue plastic and measures about 12-inches long and 8-inches high. The 5.5-foot steam hose connects to the water reservoir and is sold with various cleaning attachments. Prior Recall: In March 2002, CPSC and Tristar recalled the Steam Buggy Deluxe to repair the internal hose connection. This recall only includes the revised design steam buggys, and not the units in the earlier recall.
March 29, 2002
Tristar Products Recall of Steam Cleaner
April 7, 1997
Wallpaper Steamers Recall/Repair by Wagner
May 4, 1992
Potential Shock Hazard: Norelco Fabric Steamer Replacement Program
September 3, 1991
Pentapco Recalls Garment Steamer
January 18, 1990
J.C. Penney Recalls Garment Steamer
September 17, 1985
Electric Clothes Steamers Recalled by Franzus