Recall: Vac Attachments Recalled by Sun Hill

April 22, 1982  
Release # 82-019

1000 Sun Vac Attachments Recalled

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sun Hill Industries, Inc. of Stamford, Connecticut, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announced today that it is recalling its Sun Vac, a wet vac/dry cleaning vacuum attachment, because of a potential electric shock hazard.

This product converts a regular dry vacuum cleaner to a vacuum cleaner which can pick up water or other liquids from floors and other surfaces. The product consists of a 3 l/2-gallon plastic bucket and two adapter hoses, one of which can be connected to a dry vacuum cleaner.

Sun Hill Industries and the CPSC are concerned that an electric shock hazard could result if the product's bucket becomes full of water or accidentally tips over. Water could then be sucked into the vacuum cleaner, soaking the motor. This could result in a potentially severe or fatal electric shock if anyone touched a metallic part of the vacuum cleaner while standing on a wet floor.

No accidents have been reported by purchasers or users of the attachment since it was first introduced in March of 1980. However, Sun Hill Industries is recalling the product in the interest of consumer safety. Sales were discontinued in February 1981, after almost 1,000 units had been distributed.

Consumers who have purchased the Sun Vac are requested to return the product directly to Sun Hill Industries, Inc., Glenbrook Industrial Park, 652 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, CT 06906. Refunds for the original purchase price, and for transporting Sun Vac back to the company, will be forwarded directly to the purchaser.

Consumers who have questions on return of the product or who wish further clarification should call collect Sun Hill Industries, Inc. at 203-324-7550.