Recalls: Water Distillers/Coolers/Purifiers

January 25, 2007 Flojet Recalls VAC Pumps Sold With LeBleu 50-Gallon Bottled Water System for Shock Hazard

The recall involves Duplex II 115 VAC Pumps sold as a component of the LeBleu Automatic 50 Gallon Bottled Water System. Model numbers included in this recall are D08X000A and D08X000B. A silver Flojet label that includes the model number is affixed to the front of the pump. The pumps are installed exclusively in 50 gallon bottled water that were sold, installed and maintained by LeBleu Corp. or its licensees. Read more.

January 22, 2007 DS Waters of America Inc. Recalls Water Coolers for Fire Hazard

The recall involves the Contact Hot and Cold Water Coolers with serial numbers beginning with the letter "J" and followed by nine digits. The serial number is located on the lower right-hand side of the serial plate. The model name - "Contact" - is written on the right-hand side of the serial plate. Read more.

November 19, 2004 Emerson Motor Co. Recall of 3.7-Inch Stators

The stators were sold to Procon Products for the application in insecticide insertion pumps and water purification systems. Read more.