Recalls: Air Rifles/Air Guns/BB Guns & Accessories

October 24, 2012
HatsanUSA Recalls Striker Air Rifles Due to Injury Hazard; Rifle Can Fire Unexpectedly
This recall involves Hatsan Striker air rifles that shoot pellets. The air rifles are available in three styles: black with a gray forearm grip and gray rear grip; camouflage with a black forearm grip and black rear grip; and, brown hardwood with crosshatching cut into the forearm grip and rear grip. They measure 43 inches in length. The air rifles have a black scope and a front sight and a rear sight. “Striker” is printed on the top of the gun’s barrel behind the rear sight. Serial numbers of recalled rifles begin with one of the following sets of numbers: 0511, 0811, 0911, 1011, 0112, 0212, 0312, or 0412. The serial numbers are printed on the air rifle’s barrel block on the left side just in front of the rear sight.
April 18, 2012
Air Rifles Recalled by Air Venturi Due to Ability to Fire With Safety Switch On
This recall involves Evanix Speed .177, .22 and .25 caliber rifles and Evanix Conquest .177, .22 and .25 caliber rifles. The rifle is a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle powered by a compressed air cylinder.
August 16, 2011
Umarex USA Recalls to Repair Browning 800 Mag Air Pistols; Pistols May Fire Unexpectedly
This recall involves all Browning 800 Mag Air pistols, which are black and measure 18 inches by 7 inches. The Browning logo and "800 Mag" are printed on the top of the air pistol's barrel block.
February 24, 2009
Air Venturi Recalls Air Rifles That Can Unexpectedly Fire, Posing Serious Injury Hazard
This recall involves model 909S Sam Yang .45 caliber rifles shipped to consumers after July 1, 2008. The rifle is a precharged pneumatic air rifle, powered by compressed air.
July 23, 2008
Champion's Choice Recalls Walther Air Cylinders for Air Pistols Due to Burst Hazard
The recalled Walther air cylinders for air pistols are aluminum and involve model 2/WALTHER 85 cm3, with the imprinted test date between 6 00 and 6 01 2000/2001 located on the end of the cylinder.
May 14, 2008
Air Pistols That Can Fire Unexpectedly Are Recalled by Umarex USA
The recall involves the RWS—5G Magnum Air Pistol. The air pistols, which are used for target and recreational shooting, use spring air to fire pellets. The air pistols are black and measure 17 ¾ x 6 inches. “RWS Diana P5 Magnum” is printed on the top of the air pistol. Serial numbers 03316930 through 03344312 are included in this recall and are stamped on the left side of the air pistol’s barrel.
December 6, 2006
GAMO USA Corp. Recalls Air Rifles That Can Unexpectedly Fire, Posing Serious Injury Hazard
The recalled air rifles are the following GAMO models: Hunter Pro, Hunter Sport, Shadow Sport, and F1200. These models bear the serial numbers 04-IC-415577-06 through 04-IC-579918-06. The model and serial numbers can be found on the left side of the barrel just above the front left side of the stock. Models Shadow Sport and F1200 look identical.
December 22, 2004
Crosman Corporation Recall of Air Pistols
October 2, 2003
Crosman Corporation Recall of Air Rifles
June 9, 1997
BB Air Pistols Recall by Gamo USA