Recalls: Doors

January 12, 2023 MI Windows and Doors Recalls Vinyl Single-Hung Impact Windows Due to Fall and Serious Injury Hazards (Recall Alert)

This recall involves the MI Windows and Doors 1620 vinyl single-hung impact windows with window opening control devices. The windows were sold in a variety of sizes and colors. The recalled window has two surface mounted tilt latches and two window opening control devices, on the left and right side of the window. This recall only includes 1620 impact windows with window opening control devices manufactured prior to November 2022. The window label is located at the top of the window and has the manufacture date in the far right of the label. Read more.

February 2, 2022 D&D Technologies Recalls SureClose READYFIT 180° Hinge-Closer Sets Due to Injury and Drowning Hazards

This recall involves OL.MI-branded SureClose READYFIT 180 hinge-closer sets with model numbers 74108333T and 74108335T. The hydraulic hardware is intended for mounting on gates. They were sold with mounting screws and in sets of two hinge-closers per kit with dimples on the end. The recalled hinge-closer sets were manufactured between October 2018 and September 2019. OL.MI, and the date code in MM/YY format are on the end of the body of the hinge-closer and visible when the hinge-closer is in the open position. Read more.

December 12, 2018 dormakaba USA Recalls Stanley Commercial Hardware Locksets Due to Risk of Entrapment in an Emergency

This recall involves Stanley Commercial Hardware's grade 1 mortise lever lock QMS/QME 100 Series. The recalled locksets have Bright Brass, Satin Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Bright Chrome or Satin Chrome finish. The locksets were sold in 15 different "functions" or models that can be identified by the three digit number following the QMS/QME series, which is located on the mortise case that is installed in the door cavity. Only mortise locksets with the following model/series numbers are included in the recall. Model/Series Case Description QMS130 F1 Privacy QME130 QMS140 F22 Passage QME140 QMS145 F19 Privacy with Deadbolt QME145 QMS150 F4 Entry QME150 QMS152 F13 Exit QME152 QMS154 F20 Corridor QME154 QMS158 F11 Dormitory QME158 QMS160 F5 Classroom QME160 QMS162 F32 Classroom Security QME162 QMS164 F9 Apartment QME164 QMS170 F7 Storeroom QME170 QMS172 F30 Institutional QME172 QMS174 F14 Store Door QME174 Read more.

December 4, 2018 Foremost Recalls Shower Doors and Panels Due to Injury and Impact Hazards (Recall Alert)

This recall involves the pivot hinges on all Cove and Suave models of shower doors and panels. The recalled pivot hinges were delivered with shower doors and panels which are made of glass and have a silver, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze metal frame and door handle. Read more.

November 29, 2016 Door Locksets Recalled Due to Risk of Entrapment in an Emergency; Manufactured by Stanley Security Solutions Taiwan

This recall involves Stanley's commercial cylindrical series BMHA/ANSI Grade 1 heavy duty locksets with dead-latch components. The recalled locksets have brass, bronze, nickel, chrome or satin chrome finish. They were sold under 18 different brands and with the following model or part number, located on the packaging: Brand Model/Part Number Advantage 007-FA8990060AD, B48-FC60300B70KD090, B48-FC60301B70KD090, B48-FCO60312B70KD090, B48-FC60351B70KD090 and B48-FCO60302B70KD090 Arrow B67-FCS0300B7000090, B67-FCS0312B7000090, B67-FCS0362B7000090, B67-FKS0300B7000090, B67-FKS0300B700009-M, B67-FKS0362B7000090 and B67-FKS0362B700009-M Cal-Royal 007-FA8990060CR, 313-FL60300B70KD090, 313-FLO60312B70KD090, 313-FL60362B70KD090, 313-FLO60315B70KD090 and 313-FL60361B70KD090 Delaney Y62-FC90300B70KA090, Y62-FC90362B70KA090 and Y62-FCO60312B70KA09 Dorma B70-FB30S62B70KD06-B, B70-FL60362B70KD06-B, B70-FL90300B70KD06-B and B70-FLO90312B70KD06-B Dorex 007-FA8910060DO, 356-FL70300B70KD090, 356-FLO70312B70KD090, 356-FL70361B70KD090 and 356-FL70362B70KD090, General Lock 007-FA8990060GL, B39-FC60300B70KD090, B39-FCO60312B70KD090, B39-FCO60315B70KD090 and B39-FC60362B70KD090 Hager 007-FA891007CHG, 007-FA8910060HG, B33-FL60300B70KD090, B33-FLO60312B70KD090, B33-FLO60315B70KD090, B33-FLO60302B70KD090 and B33-FL60362B70KD090 MaxGrade B34-FL60300B70KD090 SDC B49-FT60362B70KD090 Stanley Commercial Hardware QCL135, QCL150, QCL151, QCL154, QCL155, QCL160, QCL161, QCL168, QCL169, QCL170, QCL171, QCL192, QCL193 and QCL194, QCL195 Taymor 359-FL60362B70KD090 Tell CL100181, CL100249, CL102259, CL100664 CL100396, L153 26D 4KD, L180 26D 4KD, K153 32D 2 3/4, CL100398 TownSteel Y87-FL60300B70KD090, Y87-FLO60302B70KD090, Y87-FLO60315B70KD090, Y87-FL60361B70KD090, Y87-FL60362B70KD090 USCAN USLG1-DL, USL150D, USL180D, USL170D, USL150D-IC, USL180D-IC, USL173D, USL170D-IC No brand name on product B31-FL60300B70KD000, B31-FL60300B70MK000, B31-FL60362B70KD000, B31-FLO60312B70GK000, B31-FLO60312B70KD000, B31-FR60300B7000000 and B31-FRO60312B7000 Y23-FL60300B70KD090 Y40-FU90300B7000000Y40-, FU90312B7000000 and Y40-FU90362B7000000 Read more.

March 9, 2011 Stanley Security Solutions Announces Recall of Door Locksets; Failure of Latches Could Lead to Entrapment in an Emergency

The recalled latches are in 6K and 7KC series medium Duty Locksets. These locksets have a brass or stainless steel finish and may have the word "BEST" embossed on the key core. Read more.

May 12, 2005 PBteen Recall for Replacement of Glass Drawer Knobs

The glass knobs can be found on PBteen Chez Moi Furniture Collection, Model Numbers 6247795, 6247811, 6247811, 6247787, 6247761, 6247779, and 6247803. Read more.