Recall: Houdini Portable Playyards Hazard

December 17, 1996 (301) 504-7063
Release # 97-047

CPSC and Evenflo Warn of Potential Choking Hazard on Houdini Portable Playyards

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Evenflo Company Inc. of Piqua, Ohio is warning consumers that some of its Houdini Portable Playyards may present a potential small parts choking hazard and a sharp edge hazard. Approximately 205,000 of these playyards were sold. Small plastic covers from "push caps" used to secure various parts of the playyards together may crack and separate.

Evenflo and the CPSC are aware of a number of reports of the plastic caps separating. Although no injuries have been reported, this action is being taken to prevent young children from choking or cutting themselves.

All Houdini model numbers beginning with 332 are involved in this warning. The model number is located on a tag attached to the bottom of the unit. The playyards sold nationwide for about $45 from 1994 through 1996. CPSC and Evenflo are advising all Houdini owners to inspect the pushcaps on their playyards.

The push caps on Houdini Playyards are small metal washers covered by a plastic clip. In some cases, these plastic clips have cracked and separated from the metal washer. The plastic clip could then present a choking hazard, and the exposed metal washer may be sharp enough to cut a child. The exposed metal washer will continue to hold the playyard securely together.

Each playyard contains 16 push caps with three located in each corner of the top rail, and one in the center of each top rail. Consumers should look for loose, cracked, or missing plastic covers. If any are found, consumers should call Evenflo at (800) 490-7549 immediately to obtain free replacement push caps and installation instructions. Even if no loose, cracked, or missing plastic covers are found, consumers should call for a free warning label.