Recall: Hedstrom To Offer Glide Guard Kit For Gym Sets

Originally issued November 17, 1988, Revised October 22, 2004  
Release # 88-101
Note: Firm out of business. Consumers should discard or destroy the products to prevent injuries.

Hedstrom To Offer Glide Guard Kit For Gym Sets

WASHINGTON, DC -In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Hedstrom Corporation, Bedford, Pennsylvania, voluntarily added a Glide Guard to selected gym set models that have a glide ride assembly.

Between 1982 and July 31, 1988, Hedstrom sold approximately 370,00 gyms with glide ride assemblies which have 2-3/8 inch top bars. Hedstrom is aware of 12 incidents where the user has stood on the slide or cross bar, reached over to propel or stop the motion of the ride and has entrapped or pinched a portion of a finger in the bracket mechanism, resulting in severed fingertips or severe lacerations.

The affected units have a model identification label located on the top bar. These model numbers are: Hedstrom Brand, model numbers 4-277, 4-377, 4-677, 4-777, 4-778, and 4-877; Sears brand, model numbers 72226, 72026 and 72066. These models incorporate a glide ride assembly with a 2-3/8 inch top bar using a V-bolt bracket attachment.

The firm is out of business and a remedy is no longer available. Consumers should discard or destroy the product to prevent injuries.

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