Recall: "Nuk" Gum Massagers Recalled by Reliance

June 14, 1983  
Release # 83-034

"Nuk" Gum Massager Presents Potential Choking Hazard

Washington, D.C. -- In Cooperation With The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Reliance Products Corporation, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, announced a voluntary recall of approximately 96,000 "NUK" brand 3-piece Toothbrush Trainer Sets which present a possible choking and/or suffocation hazard to young children. The products, which retail for approximately $4.70, were distributed from May 1980 to May 1982 and bear item code #02586 on the top flap of the package.

There have been 14 reported incidents where the rubber tip of the first massaging brush in the 3-Piece Set separated from the handle. While no suffocations have occurred in some instances the rubber tip reportedly had to be physically dislodged from children's throats.

The product involved is in a package of 3 brushes designed to help train children in the use of a toothbrush. It has a soft rubber tip with rubber bristles which is intended for use by children between 7 and 11 months old with adult supervision. Only the first massaging brush has a tip which can separate from the handle.

The massaging brush has been redesigned so that the tip cannot be removed and can be identified by a thin molded ring around the handle approximately one and one half inches below the rubber tip. The package of the improved version shows item code #02583.

Consumers who have purchased the old style Toothbrush Trainer Set should discontinue using the first massaging brush which is a bullet-shaped massaging tool with soft rubber fins and projections. Consumers should either discard the massaging tool or return it for a replacement tool to Reliance Products Corporation, 108 Mason Street, P.O. Box 1220, Woonsocket, RI 82895. Details can be obtained or questions will be answered by calling Reliance on the following toll free number: 800-556-6508.

Retailers who previously were notified of the voluntary recall in June 1982 and who have not removed the old style products from sale should remove them immediately and return them to Reliance at the address listed above for a full refund or replacement units. Anyone wishing additional information may contact CPSC's toll-free Hotline at the following number: 800-638-CPSC; a teletypewriter for the hearing impaired at (301) 595-7054.