Recalls: Ladders

September 22, 2022 Canyon Furniture Company Recalls Ladders Sold With Bunk Bed and Hutch Sets Due to Entrapment and Strangulation Hazards; Sold Exclusively at Rooms To Go (Recall Alert)

This recall involves ladders sold as part of a furniture set, including Cottage Colors and Canyon Lake bunk bed configurations that include desk- or dresser-top hutches. The recalled ladders were sold in various combinations with bunk beds and hutches. The ladders have the following SKU numbers, which are printed on a label on the underside of a ladder step. This recall includes only ladders sold with the Canyon Lake and Cottage Colors bunk bed configurations that include a desk- or dresser-top hutch. Brand Name Color of Ladder SKU Canyon Lake Java ladder 35834008 Ash gray ladder 35834010 Cottage Colors White ladder 36428008 Black ladder 36428010 Gray ladder 36428022 Read more.

August 26, 2020 CMP Group Recalls Dock Ladders Due to Laceration Hazard

This recall involves aluminum standoff and wide step dock ladders sold in three sizes; three steps, four steps and five steps with the following models and UPC numbers: Model DE2053F 3 and UPC 776113205303 Model DE2054F 4 and UPC 776113205402 Model DE2055F 5 and UPC 776113205501 Model DE2043F 3 and UPC 776113204306 Model DE2044F 4 and UPC 776113204405 Model DE2045F 5 and UPC 776113204504. The recalled dock ladders are silver in color. Read more.

June 20, 2018 Werner Recalls Aluminum Ladders Due to Fall Hazard

This recall involves five models of aluminum telescoping ladders that can be used in five different positions (twin step ladder, stairway step ladder, extension ladder, wall ladder and as two scaffold bases). The date code is stamped on the inside of the outer leg of the ladder, beneath the bottom step. The model number is printed on a label located on the side of the ladder rail. The recalled ladders have a load capacity of 375 lbs. Model Number Date Codes Ladder Size MT-IAA-13A 121744XX or 011844XX 13 feet MT-IAA-17A 17 feet MT-IAA-22A 22 feet MT-IAA-26 26 feet MT-IAA-26A 26 feet Read more.

March 23, 2017 Wing Enterprises Recalls Little Giant Ladders Due to Fall Hazard

This recall involves Little Giant Velocity™, LT™ and Liberty™ multipurpose ladders. The ladders have joints that allow it to bend and lock in various positions. "Little Giant," the model name, model number and part number are printed on the side of the ladder. Little Giant Velocity Part Number Little Giant LT Part Number Model 13 15413-001 Model 13 14313-001 Model 13 15413-025 Model 17 14317-001 Model 17 15417-001 Model 17 14317-303 Model 17 15417-161 Model 22 14322-001 Model 22 15422-001 Model 22 15422-014 Little Giant Liberty Model 26 15426-001 Model 17 14717-139 Ladders included in the recall have one of the following date codes stamped on the outer rail below the red locking pin. Date Codes 10361P 10463P 10661P 10763P 10961P 11063P 11254P 10362P 10464P 10662P 10764P 10962P 11064P 11261P 10363P 10561P 10663P 10861P 10963P 11161P 11262P 10364P 10562P 10664P 10862P 10964P 11162P 11263P 10461P 10563P 10761P 10863P 11061P 11163P 11264P 10462P 10564P 10762P 10864P 11062P 11164P 10361S 10463S 10661S 10763S 10961S 11063S 11254S 10362S 10464S 10662S 10764S 10962S 11064S 11261S 10363S 10561S 10663S 10861S 10963S 11161S 11262S 10364S 10562S 10664S 10862S 10964S 11162S 11263S 10461S 10563S 10761S 10863S 11061S 11163S 11264S 10462S 10564S 10762S 10864S 11062S 11164S Read more.

February 14, 2013 Cramer Recalls Folding Step Stools Due to Fall Hazard

This recall includes grey Task*It 1-UP folding step stools. The stools are plastic and have a 9.5 x 14.5 top step and feature two 11.5 inch legs that fold inward for storage. The top of the folding step stool is covered with black rubber treading imprinted with an asterisk symbol. "1-UP step" is printed on the product packaging. The Task*It name is imprinted on the legs.

Read more.

December 11, 2012 Wing Enterprises Recalls Switch-it Stepladder/Stepstools Due to Fall Hazard; Sold exclusively at Home Depot

The recalled products are Switch-it Type 1A Stepladder/Stepstools rated at 300 pounds. The Switch-it is an aluminum ladder that can be extended from a 2-foot stepstool to a 6-foot stepladder. It has flared C-channel outer rails that fit over inner rails. The outer rails have orange rocker-type locks on each side to hold the outer rails to the inner rails. The words "Switch-it by Little Giant" appear on the front of the top platform. Recalled Switch-it stepladder/stepstools have the following date stamps: 10622S, 10623S, 10624S, 10721S and 10722S. The date stamp is located immediately below the orange locks on the outer rails. Part Number "15124" is on the black and orange notice label attached to the back of the outer rails. Read more.

May 10, 2012 Kennedy International Recalls Folding Step Stools Due to Fall Hazard

This recall involves 9-inch and 13-inch Kennedy International folding step stools. The step stools are plastic and have a handle for carrying the stools when they are folded. The style number is 3575 for the 9-inch and 3576 for the 13-inch step stools. The style number is printed on a sticker on one of the legs of the stool. "Kennedy Home Collection" is also printed on a label on some of the stools. They were sold in the following colors: blue, green, gray, red, purple, pink, orange, turquoise, aqua, white, plum, orchid, emerald, sapphire, sangria, ocean, sage, fuchsia, lime and various color combinations. Read more.

April 1, 2012 Tricam Industries Recalls Easy Reach Step Stools Due to Fall Hazard; Sold exclusively at The Home Depot

The recalled products are Easy Reach by Gorilla Ladders 3-Step Pro Series step stools, model number HB3-PRO. The step stools have three plastic steps, a steel tubular frame and a plastic-molded tool holder. The model number is located on the underside of the middle step on a blue label. The label also states that the step stools are rated to support 225 lbs. Recalled step stools have a "J" stamped into the underside of the top step and/or the underside of the tool holder. Read more.

October 4, 2011 Ballard Designs Recalls Step Stools Due to Fall Hazard

This recall involves Ballard Designs "Stafford" step stools made of wood painted black or white. "Ballard Designs" is printed on a sticker under the bottom of the step. "Made in China" is printed on the underside bottom of the step stools. Also printed on the underside bottom of the step stools is one of the following five numbers: 100097963, 100099019, 100097230, 100100584 or 100102942. All recalled stools also have four plastic tabs affixed to the feet of the step stool. Read more.

August 23, 2011 Target Expands Recall of Step Stools with Storage Due to Fall Hazard

The wooden step stool has two steps and comes in various colors, including natural, natural and red, white, pink, blue and honey. The Circo step stool has a lid on the bottom step that lifts to provide storage. The Do Your Room (DYR) step stool has a lid on the top step that lifts to provide storage. The step stools measure approximately 13" H x 13 5/8" W x 14 1/8" D. The Circo brand name or DYR brand name and UPC numbers are printed on a label found underneath the step stool. The following step stools are included in this recall: Read more.